Kelly Ripa shares her The Golden Bachelorette vision on Live

Kelly Ripa at a random event.
Kelly Ripa shared what she would do if she were on The Golden Bachelorette on Live with Kelly and Mark. Pic credit: ©

Everyone knows that Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are big fans of The Bachelor franchise, with their favorite spin-off being The Golden Bachelor.

Recently, on Live with Kelly and Mark, the topic of another spin-off had Kelly and Mark speculating on who would make a good candidate for The Golden Bachelorette.

Kathie Lee Gifford, long-time co-host with Regis Philbin before Kelly took over the show, is rumored to be on The Golden Bachelorette, premiering this fall.

After Joey Graziadei, the current guy on The Bachelor did not know who Kathie Lee Gifford was and got booed, Mark must have been thinking hard about who else would shine in the show.

During the host chat recently, Mark played what Kelly called a favorite game of his, “When I pass away first,” as she put it. If Kelly were to die, what would Mark do? Then, the talk turned to Kelly and her plans if she became a widow.

Mark suggested to Kelly that she should be on The Golden Bachelorette, which can also be construed as a slam against her age since she is still a young 53.

Kelly’s idea of The Golden Bachelorette would be ABC’s ‘world fastest series’

The first bachelor on The Golden Bachelor, Gerry Turner, is 72, so either Mark thinks that it will be decades before he passes away or that Kelly, at 53, qualifies as a senior citizen already.

Either way, the long-time married couple love each other so much that dating after one dies would be hard. Still, Mark thought Kelly would make a good candidate for the dating show.

Kelly has declared that she would never date again and that if she were on The Golden Bachelorette, it would be the “world fastest series ABC ever had…”

She said it would be “One episode.” She then expounded that as the limousine carrying the potential suitors would roll to a stop; she’d say, “No, no thank you, are you kidding me…see you later…next…next…goodbye.”

Kelly then shared that she thought Mark was her “best project,” even calling him a “masterpiece.”

Kelly and Mark go to Las Vegas to revisit their wedding chapel

Kelly and Mark have been advertising their return to Las Vegas for some shows next week, and each time they do, they mention their wedding chapel.

Kelly has previously revealed to Page Six that they will never have a vow renewal, calling it the “kiss of death” to a marriage.

While Kelly is superstitious about renewing her vows with Mark, it is not stopping her from taking viewers to the chapel and showing them what their elopement was like all those years ago.

Kelly and Mark also revealed on the show that they kept their wedding a secret from their coworkers at All My Children until they were outed by Wendy Williams on her show. They were afraid of backlash because they worked together.

Whatever Kelly and Mark are doing in their marriage is working, and they seem ridiculously happy with each other.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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Ruth Ann Spicer
Ruth Ann Spicer
1 month ago

Kelly never said a good about the bachelorette or bachelor. She didn’t like either one. So why would you say they were big fans of the either show.