Here’s why Kelly Ripa’s question has Joey Graziadei from The Bachelor booed on LIVE

Kelly Ripa and Joey Graziadei up close
Joey Graziadei’s appearance on LIVE got an interesting reaction. Pic credit: ©

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos love the Bachelor franchise. They stay current on what is happening on the shows and ask intelligent questions to their guests on LIVE with Kelly and Mark.

Kelly is such a fan of Gerry Turner that the show had a spoof of The Golden Bachelor for their Halloween show, much to everyone’s delight.

Gerry carried The Golden Bachelor so well that fans called for The Golden Bachelorette as the next spinoff.

Kathie Lee Gifford, who starred with Regis Philbin on LIVE before Kelly’s time, has been suggested for the Golden Bachelorette by Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager, as reported by Monsters and Critics.

Since Season 28 of The Bachelor is airing now, the star, Joey Graziadei, dropped by LIVE to give everyone an update, giving Kelly a chance to ask an important question.

Kelly asked Joey, the star of Season 28 of The Bachelor, his thoughts on the fan favorite for the show.

The LIVE audience couldn’t believe Joey’s answer about Kathie Lee Gifford

During the segment, Kelly and Mark had some pertinent suggestions for The Bachelor, including a new “red flag ceremony” where Kelly would hand out red flags to the ladies who may not be suitable for The Bachelor.

She also asked Joey about Kathie Lee and his thoughts on the matter.

Now, Kathie Lee is a beloved name for Live fans, and one would think everyone should know who she is. But that is not the case for Joey.

Kelly began, “There’s been talk that Kathis Lee Gifford will be The Golden Bachelorette. Any thoughts on that?”

Joey swallowed and said, “I’ll be honest, I have no idea who Kathie Lee Gifford is.” The audience immediately erupted with boos for the young man.

Joey tried to defend himself by saying, “I’m only 28.”

Kelly tried to school him and said, “Yes, 28. They do have that Google machine.”

LIVE fans call out Joey on social media over Kathie Lee comment

Fans of LIVE with Kelly and Mark would not let Joey slide as easily as Kelly and called him out on social media.

One fan said, “Joey, Joey. I think you’re great, but saying you don’t know who Kathie Lee Gifford is in the house she helped build?” Look her up…you’ll love her! Meet @KathieLGifford. #TheBachelor.”

The fan has a great point. Kathie Lee helped build that house.

A fan of Live with Kelly and Mark posts on X.
Pic credit: @TheDustinFitz/X

Another fan described the scene perfectly and said in part, “He takes a long pause and says, ‘I’ll be honest, I have no idea who Kathie Lee Gifford is.’ The crowd erupts in screams.”

There has never been a more accurate depiction of a scene. The audience was not having it at all from Joey. Kathie Lee is a legend on that set.

A fan of Live with Kelly and Mark post about Joey Graziadei.
Pic credit: @BradBrad349/X

Since The Bachelor is only on week 6 in Season 28 of the show, Joey still has time to brush up on who exactly is Kathie Lee Gifford.

Live with Kelly & Mark airs weekdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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Debbie Kringold
Debbie Kringold
1 month ago

I love his honesty !!! I don’t think many 28 year old guys would have any idea who Kathy Lee Gifford is ! Although, I am a fan of KLG & love , love , Joey as the bachelor ! By now , he probably googled her ! She would be a great Golden Bachelorette but way too famous to be it !!!

1 month ago

Shows get ruined when they replace contestants with celebrities, no one wants to watch celebrities.

1 month ago

Refreshing ! Joey !

1 month ago

I like Kathie Lee and used to watch her on the show, but honestly, why would a guy in his late 20’s know n who Kathie Lee is. She is in her 70s. Do 70 year olds know every celebrity 40 years younger than them. I imagine there are plenty of ordinary single women that want to be on the show without getting a celebrity on there. Celebrities already have more exposure and can meet people easier than ordinary everyday people. T