Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos spoof The Golden Bachelor

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos on the red carpet
Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos spoofed The Golden Bachelor. Pic credit: © Santoro/AdMedia

Halloween is big on Live with Kelly and Mark. They devote an entire show to the holiday, where much planning takes place for months before the actual filming.

This year, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos were several different couples. Kelly dresses up with each of her co-stars every year.

They change costumes in between commercial breaks of their hit show.

Sonny and Cher, the famous Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift sweethearts, and Barbie and Ken appeared in costume form.

Kelly and Mark also represented the hit television shows White Lotus and Jersey Shore.

The best segment was an homage to a new fan favorite — The Golden Bachelor.

Live with Kelly and Mark spoofs The Golden Bachelor with Paradise twist

An almost unrecognizable Kelly Ripa appeared in the clip next to her equally disguised husband, Mark.

A voiceover told viewers, “Hold onto your flip flops, Paradise will never be the same again!”

Besides Kelly and Mark, this segment included Michael Gelman, Art Moore, and Deja Vu Parker as the cast of characters.

It also included a new face, Gerry Turner. Gerry Turner is the 72-year-old Golden Bachelor.

The entire spoof was a play on age. Gerry Turner is an older gentleman looking for love. The Bachelor usually has quite a younger crowd, but this new variation is fun to watch.

Kelly and Mark play “Super Seniors Looking for Love,” according to the voiceover.

From Kelly standing up using a Power Life recliner to the both of them riding around in power scooters, we see they are “revving up for a wild ride.”

The hilarious clip includes Bachelor alum Jesse Palmer and a love bird named “Peaches.” The best parts were the scenes of the “boom boom room,” complete with false teeth.

Kelly flirted with Gerry Turner by asking him about Naked and Afraid

Back in September, Kelly had Gerry Turner on her show. The idea of an older bachelor contestant intrigued her, and it showed.

Having just watched Naked and Afraid, she flirted with Gerry, asking him if he’d ever considered going on that show.

In front of her husband, Mark, she told Gerry, “Don’t knock it till you try it.”

Gerry made it very clear to the couple that he only wants to date age-appropriate women. The show only has ladies from 60-75 appear as contestants.

He cited the cultural divide he has with younger ladies.

From devoting so much time to spoofing The Golden Bachelor, it is clear how much Kelly and Mark like Gerry Turner and the concept of an older Bachelor.

Live with Kelly & Mark airs weekdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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