Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest Halloween costumes contest: See Mr. Rogers, Spooky Sock Dryer, and hosts in costume

ryan seacrest and kelly ripa on their oct 31 halloween episode
The Oct. 31 Live with Kelly and Ryan featured the show hosts in different costumes throughout. Pic credit: LIVEKellyandRyan/YouTube

Don’t tell Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest that Halloween should be canceled due to weather today. The TV hosts of the popular weekday program appeared in a number of different costumes throughout their Halloween episode and others got in on the fun.

Additionally, the show had its latest Halloween costumes contest which included a number of creative and humorous entries. Among them was the big winner who has been trying to get the victory for quite a while.

Kelly, Ryan, and Kal Penn show off unique Halloween costumes

Kelly and Ryan paid homage to a number of iconic costumes on their Oct. 31 episode, including a famous Katy Perry and Taylor Swift couples costume.

It combined many people’s favorite meal, a burger and a bottle of ketchup. Seacrest took to Twitter to tease viewers ahead of the show with the first costumes.

Ripa and Seacrest continued to put on different attire, including a costume choice the audience suggested. It was Ken and Barbie, which the hosts happily obliged (see video below).

The show featured special guest actor Kal Penn. He arrived wearing a yellow princess dress as “Taco Belle” which combines Beauty & the Beast’s Belle with a favorite fast food. A behind-the-scenes video shows Penn as he makes his way to the studio carrying bags full of Taco Bell.

Everyone also got into a group costume for the show including executive producer Michael Gelman. It’s none other than Baby Shark, the song that was infamously stuck in many people’s heads and probably still is after seeing the latest show.

The hosts, guests, and show staff weren’t the only ones in the Halloween spirit. Kelly and Ryan tweeted out a look at some of the creative and spooky costumes their audience members were wearing.

Who won the Halloween costumes contest?

Each year, there’s a Halloween costume contest on the show, dating to pre-Seacrest days. This year’s entries included a couple of “Boogie Monsters” in neon furry costumes, a Mr. Rogers complete with his trolley, as well as a Charlotte’s Web spider and web.

However, the grand prize went to none other than Mike Wong. He’s been trying his best to achieve that for over a decade. His epic “Spooky Sock dryer” costume won Halloween for Kelly and Ryan.


The most important aspect of it all is nobody had their Halloween rained on as the forecasts around the country are suggesting a wet day for trick or treaters!

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