Kelly Ripa shares about Mark Consuelos’ nasty habit on Live with Kelly and Mark

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos at the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Kelly Ripa shared what she feels is a “nasty” habit from Mark Consuelos on on LIVE. Pic credit: © Featureflash

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos often use the host chat during their show, Live with Kelly and Mark, to air their annoyances.

They use the time as an impromptu marriage therapy session in front of a live audience, which works for them.

Kelly and Mark have a strong marriage, and they genuinely seem to like each other, so when one of them brings up an issue, as Kelly did recently, they work to fix the problem ASAP.

While Kelly has admitted to introducing Mark to traditional therapy and that they go to therapy regularly, working things out on Live seems to serve them well.

As soon as one mentions something that annoys them, the other takes notes and often vows to do better, and Kelly took the time to reveal an issue she noticed with Mark, calling it a “nasty habit.”

During a hosted chat, the long-married couple discussed people using devices such as iPods, phones, and other things that require AirPods too much. Kelly called Mark out for talking too loudly with them in his ears.

Kelly called Mark out for ‘shouting at the top of his lungs’

According to Kelly, Mark enjoys using his AirPods often, even on airplanes, but he doesn’t realize how loud he gets when he’s got them in his ears.

Kelly told Mark, “You have a nasty habit of not modulating your voice while you are on a call, so you are shouting at the top of your lungs. It’s annoying to me you don’t realize how loud you are.”

A shocked Mark seemed to have no idea this was possible and asked Kelly to “Tell me about it.”

Kelly got straight to the point, saying, “It’s like you are shouting…”

Mark will indeed work on this annoying habit because he values his 28-year marriage to Kelly. He even shared a sweet photo commemorating their long marriage on Instagram of them both.

Kelly has been down this road before with an unnamed celebrity

People being loud while using AirPods annoys Kelly, and she is not afraid to let people know, even celebrities.

After making it clear to Mark how she felt about him being loud, she shared a story about a celeb she refused to name who was on an airplane with those AirPods and loudly shared gossip about other celebrities.

Entertainment Weekly quotes Kelly, “Said famous person was shouting into their phone about other famous people. I sort of reached over…I sort of slapped at this person — not slapped, but I tried to reach them. I was like, ‘You’re shouting!'”

This unnamed celebrity had no idea they were being so loud, and Kelly shared that they thanked her as they should have because they could have ended up in a gossip magazine. Kelly did them a huge favor.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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