Kelly Ripa dragged onstage to judge dancers at Madonna’s concert

Kelly Ripa at the Academy Awards
Kelly Ripa had the time of her life at the Madonna concert. Pic credit: ©

In what could only be a dream for many of us, Kelly Ripa shared the best moment of her life with fans on Live with Kelly and Mark today.

She kept saying that she must be dead and why aren’t the paramedics coming.

Kelly was so disappointed back in December when she was so sick, calling it her “deathbed,” and she missed a Madonna concert.

And then, even worse, Mark Consuelos, went without her, leaving her home alone and sick.

But this new development made up for her missing out in December.

Early in every Madonna concert lately, she starts with Vogue and pulls someone famous in the audience onstage to judge her dancers.

This time, Kelly was dragged onstage to do the deed with Madonna.

Kelly Ripa could not wait to share this life-changing moment

Kelly was still on cloud nine as she described what happened with Madonna the night before.

Kelly was with her group of Madonna concert friends: Jason Weinberg, Demi Moore, Kristofer Buckle, Anderson Cooper, Andy Cohen, and, of course, Mark.

She described being asked to judge the dancers with Madonna and that everything was a blur.

The dancers were all scantily clad and interacted with her in some way. One threw her a football, another hit her on the butt with a cane, and others gave her and Madonna lap dances.

Kelly described on Live that her first Madonna concert was when 40 years earlier and she had bought scalped nosebleed tickets. She couldn’t get over the fact that now she was on the stage with her idol, Madonna.

Fans shot videos, took photos of Kelly’s interaction with Madonna, and sent them to Kelly.

Then Kelly posted some on her Instagram story, she posted several shots sent in by concertgoers.

One depicts her and Madonna dating a dancer, a ten from both.

Kelly Ripa at the Madonna concert in NYC.
Pic credit: @kellyripa/Instagram

Another shows Kelly and Madonna from another point of view, judging dancers.

Kelly Ripa at the Madonna concert in NYC
Pic credit: @kellyripa/Instagram

Mark shared footage of the ‘bucket list moment” at Madison Square Garden

Mark was so excited that he posted footage he shot on his Instagram page, calling the experience a “bucket list moment.”

He seemed genuinely happy for his wife. Maybe they made up since they seemed to fight the day before on Live. Mark called the dishwasher her “domain,” as if that is where she belonged, in the kitchen.

Kelly didn’t like it one bit and seemed irritated with Mark. Her demeanor changed today with her excitement over the Madonna concert and being called onstage.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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