Mark Consuelos puts Kelly Ripa in her place

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos at the Tribeca Film Festival
Mark Consuelos put Kelly Ripa in her place today on Live. Pic credit: ©

An episode of LIVE with Kelly and Mark started, as it has done a lot lately, with Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos showing how competitive they are with each other.

The long-time married couple find new ways to compete with each other to keep things interesting on the show and for them in their marriage.

Today, they detailed how they now have sleep competitions since their new bedding tells them in an app how well they slept. Today, Kelly won with a perfect 100.

Recently, Mark bested Kelly in a bet and made her eat a Cuban sandwich as punishment live on the air.

But today, Mark kicked things up a notch in front of a guest and firmly put Kelly down, telling her, in effect, where her place was.

It all started with their guest Bryan Cranston, who had been on before, discussing organizing his refrigerator.

Mark tells Kelly where her place is exactly

Bryan Cranston loves to organize his kitchen, and Kelly reminded him, “Mark loves to organize. I believe you, too, like to organize.”

Bryan started talking about wanting things organized and thoroughly done, and Mark jumped in with his thoughts on their dishwasher and how it should be done.

A dumbfounded Kelly just looked at Mark and said, “I’m staring at Mark pretending that he knows where the dishwasher is.”

Then it started to get serious when Mark said, “Listen…Listen..”

Kelly doubled down and said, “Is that the thing I’m always hovering over, muttering?”

Bryan tried to calm things down by talking about how married couples who work together can’t get away with these things, but it didn’t help.

Mark put Kelly in her place by saying, “That’s your domain!”

Kelly yelled, “It’s not my domain!”

Mark came back and said, “You’re very particular about it…I hear a sigh…”

Thankfully, the segment ended shortly after that. The entire cringeworthy piece can be seen on the Live with Kelly and Mark YouTube channel.

Kelly and Mark fight a lot on the show

Just recently, Mark called Kelly a chihuahua on the show after she got irritated during the host chat.

Early on, before Mark accepted the job as co-host permanently on Live, he worried that working so closely with Kelly would ruin their marriage. He did not want the job if it would put their marriage in jeopardy.

Mark cherished his marriage with Kelly, but almost every show lately has them competing with each other or throwing put-downs around.

Let’s hope they realize this is happening more often and take a break from the bickering.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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2 months ago

Can you imagine how embarassing it is for their kids to see that… andthen to be blasted by their friends who see it to?! I stopped watching! So sad.