Kelly Ripa is sick on ‘death bed’ while Mark Consuelos parties at a Madonna concert

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos at separate events.
Kelly Ripa was home sick while Mark Consuelos went to a Madonna concert. Pic credit: ©

Kelly Ripa missed several days hosting her hit show, Live with Mark and Kelly, earlier this month. This rarely happens and causes quite a commotion when it does.

She was very sick, and the show’s DJ, Deja Vu, had to fill in for her with the help of Kelly’s husband and co-host, Mark Consuelos. This was not without calamity, and blunders happened.

When she returned, Kelly called being sick her “personal failure” because she prides herself on keeping healthy.

She was sick again recently, but because the show, Live with Kelly and Mark, tapes Friday’s segments early, fans did not realize Kelly was at home battling a high fever.

Fans of Kelly and Mark did not learn of her illness until the show returned after the weekend.

During the popular host chat, Kelly took the lead and told everyone she had been very ill.

Kelly Ripa dramatically says she was on her ‘death bed’

Kelly stunned the audience in today’s episode when she said, “For the second time this month, I took to my death bed.”

Then she relayed even more disturbing news, “I missed the Madonna concert.”

Mark, her husband, gleefully declared, “But I went.” Then he smiled the biggest smile he could.

Kelly ranted about not having this scenario on her “bingo card” this year. She could not imagine a time when Mark would go to a Madonna concert and leave her at home sick.

Kelly pouted, “Who’s going to bring me soup?”

Mark tried to calm the situation by saying that Kelly’s fever had gone, and Kelly admitted that she had stopped hallucinating.

Kelly had asked Mark to send her photos and give her a blow-by-blow of the concert, including set lists. This did not happen.

He sent her a picture of some speakers and not much else. Kelly likened this to her attending a Super Bowl while he was sick and sending a photo of the 4th-yard line.

All Mark could do was shrug and say, “I’m a guy.”

Kelly and Mark’s emotional photo shoot where they ‘laughed’ and ‘cried’

Kelly and Mark share a lot of their personal lives with their fans. Just recently, they shared photos of their Christmas Tree on Instagram.

Mark tried to insult it and call it “curvy, ” but Kelly didn’t have any of it and quickly shut it down.

This time, Kelly and Mark were making fun of themselves and their holiday photo shoot with their dogs, Chewy and Lola.

Kelly captioned the photos, “Happy Holidays, ya filthy animals! 🎄 Scenes from my attempted doggie photoshoot. We laughed. We cried. They peed.”

Kelly and Mark post on Instagram

And one of the photos shows that they indeed did pee.

Kelly Ripa posted a photo of Chewy, her dog on Instagram.
Kelly Ripa posted a photo of Chewy, her dog, on Instagram. Pic Credit: @KellyRipa/Instagram

The couple seemed to have fun and got a good picture of Mark with the dogs to send on social media.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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