Kelly Ripa describes ‘bonkers’ interaction with a fan on LIVE

Kelly Ripa at the Academy Awards
Kelly Ripa shared details about a fan interaction she called ‘bonkers.’ Pic credit: ©

Kelly Ripa and her husband, Mark Consuelos, had finished their annual after-Oscar show in Los Angeles and started Live with Kelly and Mark with stories about their trip.

Between stories about the celebrities they saw in California and how much Kelly looks forward to her annual In And Out Burger, which she eats after the Academy Awards, Kelly shared a shocking story about a fan.

Kelly and Mark are diehard New Yorkers who are unafraid to walk places. This fan interaction seemed to unnerve Kelly as she spoke about what happened.

The long-running show has a great team that works behind the scenes tirelessly to produce the excellent product that is Live with Kelly and Mark, so it makes sense to celebrate them in an afterparty.

During the host chat after the Oscar show, Kelly spoke about what happened at the afterparty at a private club in Las Vegas for their Vegas shows last month.

When the gang took a group picture of the team that worked in Vegas on the show, Kelly noticed something amiss with one of the people.

Kelly reveals the time a fan got too close in Vegas

Kelly and Mark shared the group photo from their Oscar show, and Kelly had to share how upset she was in Vegas when that photo didn’t go as planned.

Everyone was chatting and relaxing, even gathering for a group photo of the team that worked on the Las Vegas show, when one person approached Kelly and asked for a selfie.

Kelly looked at her and said, “Do you even work here?” Kelly said this lady was even in the group photo, but no one knew her. Staffers thought maybe she was an aunt or mom of a local hire.

Kelly revealed that the lady’s reply was “Crazy,” and the ordeal was “Bonkers.” It unnerved Kelly and Mark so much that when they did another group picture, there were stern instructions beforehand.

Mark told the crew, “Look to your left and right. Does everybody recognize everybody here?”

Kelly shared the photo from the Oscar show on her Instagram reels.

Kelly Ripa shared the group employee photo on her Instagram Reels
Kelly Ripa shared a photo of her team after the Oscar show. Pic credit: @kellyripa/Instagram

Kelly and Mark hit a new high with their after-Oscar show

MichaelFairmanTV reported the spike in ratings that Live with Kelly and Mark has seen since Mark took over as co-host last April is still going strong.

Mark mentioned during the host chat that the Oscar show for Live hit a four-year high in ratings. Since this is Mark’s first time co-hosting this show, he should take some credit for the surge in ratings.

He is going strong next to her despite his hesitation about co-hosting with Kelly. Fans hope this continues into several more seasons for Kelly and Mark.

LIVE with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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