Kelli Giddish returning to Law & Order: SVU

Kelli Giddish on Law & Order: SVU
Kelli Giddish is back, but for how long? Pic credit: NBC

Kelli Giddish may be out as a Law & Order: SVU series regular, but it seems she’s not done with the show.

Deadline broke the news that the Amanda Rollins star had closed a deal to return for another episode — her third since departing in 2022.

A lot had changed for Rollins when she returned last year, with the beloved character revealing her pregnancy with her third child.

Given that Peter Scanavino, who plays Rollins’ husband Dominic “Sonny” Carisi, remains with the show, there were some concerns the two lovers would be dragged apart after Giddish was let go as a series regular.

Thankfully, the Dick Wolf procedural has found a way to keep them together, and we’ve been getting updates on how Rollins is doing because we don’t see her regularly any longer.

Upon leaving the team, Rollins started teaching criminal behavior at Fordham University, a job that didn’t give her the satisfaction she got from taking down criminals for years.

Kelli Giddish has returned multiple times since her firing

It has been interesting how the show has brought Giddish back on numerous occasions, and we only wish she would at least get a recurring role because Law & Order: SVU hasn’t been the same since her exit.

Rollins had a massive impact on the team, and her years of expertise helped everyone with some of the most complicated cases, so we’re still getting accustomed to the team not working with her on every episode.

When news broke of Giddish’s departure in 2022 after years in the role, we learned that the actress was not leaving of her own volition, with the decision coming from higher-ups who make the show.

Sometimes, these things happen, but it is clearly driven by financial reasons, which is becoming the case for many other shows on the broadcast networks.

Many highly-rated shows are saying goodbye to cast members

All of Dick Wolf’s shows, such as One Chicago and the wider Law & Order universe, are using fewer series regulars in episodes to save some money, which has impacted many ongoing storylines.

If characters disappear for episodes at a time and then pop back up with little explanation, it changes the very fabric of the shows we’ve watched for years.

The broadcast TV market, as a whole, is struggling due to diminished returns. Even the highest-rated shows are getting canceled or big changes.

Blue Bloods, one of the most-watched shows in the U.S., has been canceled after 14 seasons, and the cast was forced to take a hefty pay cut to get the final season ordered.

Kelli Giddish deserves a more permanent comeback

We can only hope that Law & Order: SVU producers see the value in bringing Giddish back as a more permanent fixture because she deserves to be back on a show she devoted her time to for so many years.

There is plenty of storyline potential with Rollins.

Law & Order: SVU airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on NBC. Stream full episodes on Peacock.

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