Katrina Law addresses her NCIS finale cliffhanger

Katrina Law NCIS S21
NCIS star Katrina Law plays Agent Jessica Knight. Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS

The NCIS season finale ended on a big cliffhanger for Agent Jessica Knight (played by Katrina Law).

Much of the episode teased a terrible fate for Knight and Agent Alden Parker (Gary Cole).

The duo was trapped in a ship that was destined to be sunk as an artificial reef. They had been locked inside by a murder suspect, and nobody knew their location.

Parker became seriously injured as the duo tried to find a way out, leading to Knight taking a swim through a dark passageway to find help.

Just before Knight drowned and Parker bled out, the rest of the team rescued them, ending that particular storyline. But that wasn’t the cliffhanger.

Director Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll) had a job offer for Knight that would take her to Camp Pendleton – across the country from her current post.

A huge job offer for Agent Jessica Knight

Director Vance asked Agent Knight to become the REACT chief training officer.

The Regional Enforcement Action Capabilities Team (REACT) takes on high-risk operations for NCIS. Knight lost her team during an intense two-part ending to NCIS Season 18.

Knight took the open spot which NSA analyst Eleanor Bishop (Emily Wickersham) vacated.

After she lost her team, Knight applied to become the REACT chief training officer, and the position opened on the NCIS Season 21 finale.

Vance asked Knight if she still wanted the job, as he was ready to give it to her. She needed a day to think about it, and then the events at the ship happened.

In the final moments of NCIS Season 21, Episode 10, Vance demands an answer from her. She looks around a hospital corridor with her team and Dr. Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) around before answering.

“Hell, yeah, sir. Let’s do it,” Knight told the director. Is Katrina Law leaving NCIS? Does this new job mean the end of the relationship between Knight and Palmer?

Below is a scene from early in the season finale that ramped up the drama between Knight and Parker.

Katrina Law addresses her NCIS cliffhanger

“Oh my gosh, so much happened in the finale. It hit emotions on so many levels, with so many different characters,” Law told TVLine.

“I think that at the end, Jessica has to take this position because she knows deep down this is what she wants. She wants a career, she’s very ambitious, and to her a long-distance relationship isn’t the end of things,” Law explained about her character.

“At the same time, maybe it is, if it doesn’t work out. She has to go forward and see where these things lead, she can’t settle into something she knows will ultimately make her angry and have regrets,” Law added.

So, is she leaving NCIS? She was also asked that question, but her answer wasn’t exactly what fans wanted to hear, and she did a good job creating a tease for viewers.

“Better tune in for that season opener!” she teased about NCIS Season 22.

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20 days ago

I really like her character and hope we do see more of her. I feel sorry for Jimmy, but it doesn’t mean they are over. So anxious for the next season.