KAOS release date: 2020 now more likely to be 2021 after change to show page?

Charlie Covell is the creator of Netflix's Koas
Charlie Covell is the creator of Netflix’s The End of The F***ing World and the upcoming fantasy series Kaos. Pic credit: BAFTA Guru/YouTube

Netflix’s Koas, an upcoming fantasy-drama series, was ordered into series back in June 2018 and since then, fans have been looking out for news about the show’s release date.

Netflix has not officially released details about the show, including casting and expected release date, but show creator Charlie Covell has dropped some hints about what fans can expect of the show and the likely release date.

When will Kaos premiere on Netflix?

Fans had been getting excited after Netflix first teased a 2020 release date for Kaos.

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However, this mention was later removed from Netflix’s official page for the show, and fans were left wondering when to expect the show to premiere on the streaming platform.

Covell later revealed in an October 2019 interview with Radio Times that the series should start filming in late June 2020 and that it was scheduled to drop on Netflix sometime in 2021.

“I’ve just delivered my third draft of the pilot, and… episodes two and three are nearly ready to go to Netflix, so if we get to do it, we should be filming late June next year, and then it would be on screen 2021, I hope.”

Fans had hoped at the time that if production on the show started in June 2020, then it would likely premiere on Netflix sometime in early 2021.

However, the coronavirus pandemic might have upended expectations that Kaos will premiere on Netflix in early 2021.

Netflix shut down film and scripted TV production due to the coronavirus pandemic and there is no news yet that Kaos will start production in June 2020 or anytime soon.

So it is likely that the premiere date for Kaos will be delayed. But the length of the delay will depend on how soon production resumes.

However, fans continue to keep their fingers crossed that a mid or late 2021 date is still possible.

What is Kaos about?

The series, created by Charlie Covell, known for her work on The End of The F***ing World, is “a darkly comedic and contemporary reimagining of Greek mythology, exploring themes of gender politics, power, and life in the underworld,” according to the official Netflix synopsis.

Covell revealed in the interview with Radio Times that the series will be based on famous Greek myths and mythical characters.

“It’s basically like a contemporary reimagining of Greek Mythology… It’s a 10-hour series for Netflix, and hopefully with a kind of Game of Thrones scale — but tonally it should [feel] End of the World-y, in terms of its humor and its soundtrack and the look of it.”

She explained that the series will adapt the old Greek myths for a “funny and dark and sad” storyline set over three worlds — the Gods, the Earth, the Underworld.”

“The gods are like a massive dysfunctional family,” she added.

The first episode of the series will follow the mythical characters, Orpheus and Eurydice.

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