Justin Hartley teases This Is Us Season 5 premiere details

This Is Us star Justin Hartley is dishing Season 5.
Justin is excited for the next chapter in Kevin’s life. Pic credit: NBC

Justin Hartley is teasing This Is Us Season 5 premiere details giving fans the little dose of Pearson magic that has been missing since March.

The Season 4 finale was a doozy. It left not only the fans reeling, but even the stars of the hit NBC drama were shocked at what happened.

NBC’s This Is Us new season is still months away, and that is if there are no production issues following the coronavirus pandemic. NBC released the 2020/21 fall schedule giving viewers hope it will be business, as usual, come September.

What Justin has said about Season 5 so far

The talented actor, who plays Kevin Pearson on This Is Us, is dishing details on the upcoming season. He is giving fans even more reason to be excited about the Season 5 premiere.

Justin spoke with Gold Derby in a virtual chat about the upcoming Primetime Emmy nominations and what is next for Kevin.

“Kevin’s gonna have to deal with this pregnancy, being a dad, twins, his relationship with Madison, because god only knows what that is,” Justin shared.

“He’s gonna have to deal with work. He’s gonna have to deal with Randall. What is that gonna look like? Are they gonna get back on the right track, or is it just total estrangement?” Justin said.

The actor also spilled that there will be several new characters in the next season, many of whom were introduced in the finale. Justin promised the new additions would only add to the Pearson family dynamic.

Another storyline Justin touched on is Rebecca’s (Mandy Moore) illness. He said fans should be prepared to see the Pearson matriarch decline quickly as her disease takes over.

Season 5 premiere details

Justin did reveal the Season 5 premiere will pick up shortly after last season’s finale. He didn’t give a time frame, but there will be a slight jump.

Not too much, of course, as the show intends to focus on Madison’s (Caitlin Tompson) pregnancy. Plus, Toby (Chris Sullivan) and Kate (Chrissy Metz) venturing into adoption will also be a significant story next season.

In the past, This Is Us season premieres have featured The Big 3’s birthdays. As fans know, by the time Kevin, Kate, and Randall (Sterling K. Brown) all turn 40, there is a big family rift. The massive fight between Randall and Kevin has a lasting impact on the brothers.

Even if the milestone birthday is not in the premiere, it will be featured in Season 5. Show creator Dan Fogelman doesn’t do a big flash-forward like the family rift and not revisit it. Besides The Big 3’s birthday is a staple of the hit drama, there can’t be a season without it.

Justin Hartley has shared some insight into This Is Us Season 5. The actor is excited to show fans the next chapter in Kevin’s life.

This Is Us will return in Fall 2020 on NBC.

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