Jeopardy! winner defends Ken Jennings, says he deserves to host solo after Mayim Bialik fired

Ken Jennings on Jeopardy!
Ken Jennings is now the only host of Jeopardy! after Mayim Bialik was fired. Pic credit: CBS

Ken Jennings is the sole host of Jeopardy! now after Mayim Bialik was fired from her spot as co-host.

The move came as a huge surprise to Jeopardy! fans who have been watching Ken and Mayim take turns in the top spot as it became clear that not one person could ever replace the iconic Alex Trebek.

Even Ken Jennings spoke out about Mayim’s exit, saying that the move “caught him off guard.”

He also admitted that he’s going to “miss” working with Mayim after she was let go from the show.

But if there’s one person who thinks Ken Jennings will be just fine, it’s a Jeopardy! champion who has been singing his praises.

He spoke out after news that Mayim would no longer be sharing the host spot and made it clear that he is confident that Ken Jennings can do it on his own.

Jeopardy! champion Austin Rogers is confident in Ken Jennings

Austin Rogers became a Jeopardy! champion back in 2017 when he won 12 games in a row.

It’s safe to say the bartender from New York knows a thing or two about Jeopardy!, and he told TMZ that the show will be just fine without Mayim Bialik and with Ken Jennings as the only host.

Amy Schneider also weighed in on Mayim’s exit, and she agrees with Austin’s assertion that the show will go on and it will be just fine without the Big Bang Theory star sharing hosting duties.

Mayim Bialik is fired but the door is not closed

While Mayim Bialik won’t be sharing hosting duties with Ken Jennings anymore, that doesn’t mean we won’t see her in the hosting spot ever again.

Following her ouster, Sony made it clear that she is welcome to return for temporary hosting duties like the Celebrity Jeopardy! tournaments and other special shows outside of the regular Jeopardy! show.

Mayim got the ax following the Writers Strike – after she stood in solidarity with the strikers, which essentially proved to the network during her absence that she wasn’t needed for the show to be successful.

Initially, Ken Jennings was added as co-host to cover for Mayim when she was filming her show, Call Me Kat, but, ultimately, rumors are circulating that Ken did such a great job in the lead role that he has been regarded as the better host, which led to the decision to remove Mayim from the show altogether.

Jeopardy! airs weeknights at 7/6c on CBS.

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