Is Sam Carver coming back to Chicago Fire? Actor Jake Lockett teases the answer

Carver on Chicago Fire
Jake Lockett stars as Firefighter Sam Carver on the Chicago Fire cast. Pic credit: Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBCUniversal

The Chicago Fire Season 12 finale left fans with several cliffhangers.

One storyline revealed that firefighter Jack Damon (played by Michael Bradway) was the son of Benny Severide.

Benny was also the father of Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney), making it a huge revelation for the firehouse.

While that final moment between Jack and Kelly impacted viewers, it overshadowed another unresolved storyline.

Earlier in the episode, firefighter Sam Carver was part of a call where it appeared that a young man was abusing his brother, and the father wasn’t doing anything.

It resurrected trauma that Carver had experienced in his childhood, and it only got worse when Violet Mikami accused Carver of still having feelings for Stella Kidd.

Carver left the firehouse after that fight and we later learned he had taken another furlough. Carver was then shown sitting in his vehicle and not answering calls from Violet.

Will Sam Carver return to Firehouse 51?

A funny video shared to the Instagram page of Jake Lockett may have provided a big hint about his future at Chicago Fire.

In the video, Jake and Joe Minoso joke around on a golf course. But then they get serious as they realize their rivalry on the show. Joe plays Joe Cruz on Chicago Fire, and yes, they stretched for that character name.

“When you and your buddy are enjoying a game of golf and then remember you’re on rival firehouse apparatuses on TV,” reads the text over the video.

While this doesn’t explicitly reveal any new details about the show, it does hint that Jake will return for Chicago Fire Season 13. That’s good news with all of the recent cast changes.

The end of the video also features a guest appearance by Alberto Rosende (he played firefighter Blake Gallo).

Jake Lockett also recently shared many photos from the Chicago Fire set.

“Season 12 photo dump part 2… enjoy this awesome and hilarious group… one more #bts?,” reads the caption.

In the post, he shares some fun photos featuring cast and crew members from the show. One of the photos showcases a group of cast members in suits for filming the Sylvie Brett and Matt Casey wedding.

More from the One Chicago shows

A tour of the One Chicago sets was recently shared on social media. It gives fans a look behind the scenes at Med, Fire, and P.D.

The Chicago P.D. showrunner also teased a possible upcoming wedding. It could be part of a season 12 episode.

Previous episodes of Chicago Fire are streaming on Peacock. That includes the 13 new episodes from Chicago Fire Season 12.

Chicago Fire is on hiatus at NBC.

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