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Is Mark Harmon leaving NCIS? Gibbs puts job at risk again

Harmon Gibbs Finale
Mark Harmon as Leroy Jethro Gibbs during Season 17 fall finale. Pic credit: CBS

Mark Harmon has been with NCIS since the first episode aired almost 17 years ago. Now, deep into Season 17 of the show, another storyline has viewers asking if Harmon is leaving NCIS. So, are these the final episodes for Gibbs?

During the fall finale for Season 17, Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs has again been placed in a situation that will call into question his time on the job. Gibbs, who is always willing to do anything for Ziva David, has done it again.

Creating situations where viewers have to wonder about the characters while the show goes on a winter hiatus is nothing new for CBS dramas. It’s also not a new situation for Mark Harmon or his character of Gibbs.

Is Mark Harmon leaving NCIS?

As far as we know, Mark Harmon still has no plans of leaving NCIS in the short-term. He is the catalyst behind the success of the show and he has not expressed publicly a desire to move on to other things.

Harmon had a long career of acting before the NCIS job came along and he makes a lot of money doing it every season.

Viewers who were worried that the fall finale has set up a scenario where Gibbs won’t return in the winter episodes need not worry that much. Sure, there might come a point in time in the future where Harmon decides he is going to retire this role, but it isn’t happening soon.

CBS has already revealed information about the winter premiere, which airs in January 2020, and Gibbs is a prevalent part of that episode. From there, it should settle back down, as these premieres and finales are meant to create dramatic situations for the characters.

For any readers who might have been worried about losing Gibbs, here is a great highlight reel of the best moments Ziva David has had on the show. Many of them involved Gibbs and the story isn’t finished yet.

NCIS airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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