Is Chrissy Metz leaving This Is Us? Actress lands new record deal ahead of 2020 Oscars performance

Chrissy Metz is making music and This Is Us
Chrissy Metz is one busy lady balancing her music and acting career. Pic credit: ©

Fans are worried Chrissy Metz is leaving This Is Us as her music career is on fire right now. Chrissy inked a new record deal and is performing at the 2020 Oscar Awards.

There is no question that the talented actress has been making headlines with her music this past year. Chrissy not only starred in the heartfelt, faith-filled movie Breakthrough, but she also sang on the soundtrack. She sings the ballad I’m Standing With You, which is nominated for an Academy Award for Original Song.

Last April, Chrissy took the stage at the ACM Awards to sing the tune with Carrie Underwood. The two singing sensations were outstanding as a duet. They gave a phenomenal performance.

Chrissy lands record deal

On the same day the Oscar nominations came out, Chrissy revealed she landed a recording contract.

The actress used Instagram to let fans know she signed with Universal Music Group in Nashville. She explained in her post that she has been working on her debut country album. It is a dream come true for the This Is Us star, who has wanted to be a singer most of her life.

Chrissy didn’t reveal when the new album will come out. She made it clear, though, that she has already started the recording process.

Days after her record deal news broke, it was announced Chrissy would be performing I’m Standing With You at the 2020 Oscars. She will join Cynthia Erivo, Oscar winner Elton John, Idina Menzel, and Oscar winner Randy Newman, who are all slated to perform tunes nominated for Original Song.

Is Chrissy leaving This Is Us?

There has been so much hoopla over her singing career that it has people wondering if Chrissy is leaving This Is Us? She is in-demand as a singer and an actress.

The good news is, it is unlikely she is leaving the show that changed her life. Chrissy has expressed many times how grateful she is to be part of the NBC drama. The show not only jump-started her career, but everyone involved is like family to her. Chrissy, like the rest of her costars, is so appreciative of everyone else and the work they create each week.

Chrissy has not indicated that she wants to leave This Is Us focus on her music. She has been able to focus on music, as well as other acting gigs, while having the pleasure of playing Kate Pearson.

Last year NBC renewed This Is Us through Season 6. There has been speculation the show will end then. Show creator Dan Fogelman expressed, he and the producers had the next couple of seasons mapped out. He also knows how the show will end, and the cast has already filmed part of the series finale.

Chrissy Metz now has a thriving music career. It will not take her away from her day job, and that is music to fans’ ears.

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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