Is Casey returning to Chicago Fire for good?

Casey Back On Chicago Fire
Jesse Spencer returned as Matthew Casey on Chicago Fire. Pic credit: Lori Allen/NBCUniversal

Chicago Fire welcomed back Captain Matthew Casey on Wednesday night.

Casey was back to help lead a task force, revealing an important subplot for the show,

As part of that task force preparing for a possible terrorist attack, Casey brought in Luetenant Stella Kidd (played by Miranda Rae Mayo) from Firehouse 51.

Casey told Kidd immediately that he wasn’t just in Chicago to see Sylvie Brett again but to help Chicago prepare.

Later, though, Casey did admit that he still has strong feelings for Brett – despite a lie he told Brett about being in a developing relationship.

This could complicate the friendship between Casey and Brett, especially since it looks like Brett may share those feelings.

That Brettsey reunion was equal parts exciting and awkward to watch.

Is Casey back for good on Chicago Fire?

Chicago Fire Season 11, Episode 18 appears to be a one-off for actor Jesse Spencer (he plays Matt Casey).

He agreed to return to the show for the night, but it’s also clear that the writers have set up a scenario for him to return later.

For now, Casey is not back on Chicago Fire, and the character will be back in Portland for the upcoming episodes.

The looming threat of a terrorist attack keeps the door open for another return, and Casey hinted that the kids in Portland may not need him much longer.

It was also noticeable that Chief Boden was pushing for Casey to return, so a job is there if the veteran of Firehouse 51 decides to call Chicago home again.

More Chicago Fire news

Even though Casey was back in the building for the new episode of Chicago Fire, it was disappointing that Kelly Severide wasn’t also featured.

Actor Taylor Kinney is still on a leave of absence from the NBC drama, with no hints that he will be returning to the show this season.

The Chicago Fire writers hinted that Severide is gone for the rest of Season 11, setting up a scenario where he won’t return before Season 12 gets cooking.

In a fun revelation on social media, Taylor posed with Chicago Fire fans for a recent picture. It has been good to see him out and about.

While Chicago Fire heads into a new hiatus at NBC, fans have time to go back and watch previous episodes from the franchise. Earlier episodes are available for streaming on Peacock, including the new one that featured Jesse Spencer.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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