Is Angela dead in Power Season 6? Showrunner Courtney Kemp opens up about if Lela Loren’s leaving the show

Lela Loren as Angela Valdes in Power
Is Angela dead in Power Season 6? Pic credit: Starz

Power Season 6 premiered on Starz on Sunday, with ruthless drug-dealer James St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick), aka Ghost, besieged on all sides in his struggle to transition from a life of crime to legitimate business and stable family life as a nightclub owner. But he faces daunting challenges of betrayal as the Feds close in on him.

One of the questions on the minds of fans since the cliffhanger ending of Season 5 is the fate of FBI attorney Angela Valdes (Lela Loren). She was shot by Tommy (Joseph Sikora) in the Season 5 finale.

Fans who were hoping Angela would pull through remained optimistic when Starz released the trailer for Season 6 in July at the Essence Festival in New Orleans. Many fans thought that the two-minute trailer suggested she would return to her role in Season 6.

Fans also cited co-showrunner Courtney A. Kemp. She revealed in interviews with TV Line and Entertainment Weekly in September 2018 that Angela would return for Season 6 after taking a bullet for Ghost.

Kemp did not elaborate on the role Angela would play in Season 6 or how many episodes of the upcoming season she would appear. However, her comments raised hopes Angela would survive the shooting.

Warning: Spoilers follow for Power Season 6

Is Angela dead?

Fans who had expected Angela to recover and return to the show were disappointed when they saw the first episode of  Season 6.

Power Season 6, Episode 1, picks up where Season 5 left off after Tommy shot Angela. We see her taken to hospital in an ambulance, but she dies at the hospital. Angela’s grieving sister Paz (Elizabeth Rodriguez) lashes out at heartbroken Ghost, blaming him for her sister’s death.

She is alive but dies within minutes of the beginning of the new season.

Some fans were still clinging to hopes that Angela would return and her death was faked. Kemp revealed in an interview with TVLine in August that Angela is dead and will not return to the show.

She admitted in the interview that they had considered keeping her in the show by making her stage a comeback, but they finally decided to let the character go. She also admitted they had considered an alternative storyline in which Ghost kills Angela, but they finally decided to make Tommy do it.

She revealed they had filmed her death before the end of Season 5, but decided to save the material for the start of Season 6, thus ending Season 5 on a cliffhanger

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