Here’s why Sunny Hostin snapped at the ladies on The View

Sunny Hostin at a random event.
Sunny Hostin snapped at the ladies today on The VIew. Pic credit: ©

Politics is the main topic lately on The View, and the ladies are starting to square off in their corners because of their differing party lines.

Today, during the opening segment, Whoopi Golberg talked about the former New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, and his feelings about Nikki Haley.

The ladies took turns to get their voices heard, starting with Alyssa Farah Griffin and then Joy Behar. It wasn’t until Sunny took over the forum that things got heated.

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Joy joked with Sunny Hostin, which went over like a lead balloon. Just this week, Joy snapped at Sunny; this time, Joy tried to avert another fight.

Sunny had pointed out that people kept saying they don’t vote for someone just because they had a vagina and “last I checked, Nikki Haley has one too.”

Joy tried to lighten the tensions in the room and quipped to Sunny, “What do you mean, ‘last you checked?'”

The entire room laughed, but Sunny was not receptive to Joy’s joke. Sunny did not even take a breath as she continued.

Sunny did not appreciate Joy’s interruption and snapped

In the segment, which can be seen (below) on The View’s Twitter account, Sunny took the floor and did not let anyone else speak, then turned snarky at the end.

When Joy tried to cool Sunny off with a joke, Sunny stared at the screen and said, “Let me finish.” She continued speaking as Alyssa tried to break in with a quip about not doing “identity politics.”

This served to anger Sunny further as she snapped at Alyssa, “Yes, you do!” Sara Haines, Whoopi, and Joy tried to interject, but Sunny had none.

Sunny snapped back, “I’m being interrupted constantly.”

When she finished, she snarkily said, “Now that my point is done, please continue to interrupt me.”

Sunny then did the very thing she was upset with by interrupting the other ladies as they tried to make their points.

Fans were not receptive to Sunny and her attitude on The View

Sunny’s moods lately are noticed by fans of The View, who aren’t afraid to call her out on them.

Immediately after her poor behavior during today’s show, fans posted how they felt about Sunny on social media.

One fan told Sunny to “stop acting like [a] spoiled child. You are doing more interrupting than anyone.”

Another voiced that she always thought Sunny thought of herself as the “smartest person on the panel but now that Alyssa is on there she feels threatened.” This fan pointed out that it just makes Sunny look bad.

The View fans upset with Sunny Hostin post on X.
Fans respond to The View. Pic credit: @hrleygirl/@bakesharicebake/X

Whoopi announced Vice President Kamala Harris will be on The View next week. Fans hope the ladies will be more civil with each other while she is there.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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20 days ago

Sunny should go home. She interrupts everyone everyday. The View would
Be better without her