Here’s why Sunny Hostin is in a ‘mood’ today on The View

Sunny Hostin on The View
Fans noticed that Sunny Hostin was ‘in a mood’ with a certain guest. Pic credit: ABC

The ladies on The View have entered the New Year full of hot and heavy topics.

Today’s episode was one long Hot Topic episode featuring the former governor of New Jersey.

The Republican Chris Christie sparred with most of the ladies with the lone voice of Alyssa Farah Griffin in his corner during the show.

Sunny Hostin was the most vocal against him, possibly because of their legal backgrounds. As lawyers, they are trained for debate and debate they did.

Sunny Hostin drove her point home to Chris Christie over and over again. The topics ranged from Nikki Hailey to former President Trump.

During the heated exchange, Chris Christie was heard exclaiming, “No, no, no,” as Sunny reiterated that the economy was in a shambles because of Trump.

Fans noticed on social media that Sunny was having none of Chris Christie’s views today

In The View’s YouTube channel clip, Sunny fires back at the former governor, and her feelings clearly show on her face. The back and forth went on for what seemed like forever.

However, fans noticed Sunny was on her game when dealing with Chris Christie. They started to post their admiration for Sunny during the live show.

One fan announced, “Sunny is a mood. #TheView.” Sunny’s mood was clearly saying, “Don’t mess with me.”

A fan of The View comments on Sunny Hostin.
Sunny was in a mood. Pic credit: @iamchanteezy/X

Another fan said, “Sunni don’t be playing with these politicians when they come on #TheView. She going to hold their feet to the fire and I love it.”

A fan of Sunny Hostin speaks out on X
A fan agreed with Sunny. Pic credit: @tha_jerk2012/X

Another commented on their legal backgrounds, “#ChrisChristie is funny.. cause he’s a good lawyer.. but he’s not #SunnyHostin..#TheView.”

A fan of The View comments on the interaction between Sunny Hostin and Chris Christie
Another fan weighs in. Pic credit: @justdoodirty3

Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. was on the show this week to talk about his passion, Finding Your Roots. The popular show is celebrating its tenth season, and The View’s Sunny Hostin will be featured.

Sunny teared up when she saw the clip play yesterday. She was excited to go on the show and learn about her ancestry. The premise of the show is self-evident. Producers use written genealogies and DNA sequencing to discover who famous people are related to.

Some celebrities like Al Roker, for example, may not enjoy going on the program. The doctor had asked him three times and has stalled committing to the show.

When the doctor was on Today recently, Al’s co-workers wanted him to go on the show so everyone could find out his lineage. He looked uncomfortable during the exchange.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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She is the enemy. Serving the devil and don’t realize it but she will. Blasphemy