Here’s why Sunny Hostin got defensive after Joy Behar snapped at her on The View

Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar at different events.
Sunny Hostin got on the defensive after Joy Behar snapped at her. Pic credit: ©

It is just the second week of the New Year, and the ladies on The View are already getting on each other’s nerves.

The hot topic issues of politics and race are serving to divide the ladies and cause their tempers to flare up.

Instead of it being a divide between the Democrats and Republicans, where the ladies face off against the lone conservative Alyssa Farah Griffin, that isn’t what is happening at all.

Joy Behar was off most of December with COVID-19 and has been sparring with Sunny Hostin over President Biden.

Sunny was in the hot seat against former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie last week. She was in what some called a “mood” against him.

Today was her day to go up against Joy Behar over her statements about young voters turning against President Biden.

Sunny had to defend her statements to Joy on The View

Sunny has always been a lawyer and loves to use data to back herself up. She told the ladies today some facts about young voters who are not as supportive of Biden because of his stance on the Israel-Hamas war.

Once Sunny mentioned that young voters were threatening not to support Biden, Joy became frustrated and wanted Sunny to be quiet.

Joy snapped, “I don’t believe that.” Then, Whoopi Goldberg also said, “I don’t believe that either.”

Sunny had to remind the ladies that these were facts, not Sunny’s opinions on the matter. Sunny kept her calm and said, “These are just stats.” Sunny then went on with more facts about the voters disapproving of Biden.

Joy was still unhappy and said, “By next year, it’ll be over, and we’ll move on to something else.”

Sunny kept trying to educate Joy even as Joy interrupted her by scoffing about the young voters. Joy got in one more slam by saying in part, “I know, but are they gonna vote for Trump?”

The clip was posted on The View’s Twitter feed.

Sunny has been turning heads on social media with her son, Gabriel Hostin

In other The View co-host news, Sunny went to the premier of the action comedy Lift starring Kevin Hart. She posted several shots of her and her son, Gabriel Hostin, and the fans went wild over them.

Followers commented to share their support, even sharing they could not believe how awesome they were.

One fan called them the “COOLEST mom son duo ever.” Another echoed about the “mom/son duo.”

Sunny Hostin's fans on Instagram
Pic credit: @Sunny/Instagram

Another fan said, “Looking Good!”

Sunny is undoubtedly someone to watch alongside her The View co-hosts as they go toe-to-toe.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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