Here’s why Sara Haines called for security on The View

Sara Haines at a random function.
Sara Haines had to call for security today on The View. Pic credit: ©

The ladies have all been dropping hints about their dogs and what was coming up on The View.

Dogs are significant to the ladies of The View. They have them and also support rescue organizations.

For example, Sunny Hostin often posts photos of dogs that need homes on Instagram. With her reach on social media, many animals find their forever homes.

Recently, Sara Paulson was reunited with a dog hit by a car. She helped the dog tremendously by paying for its medical bills.

Sunny’s mother adopted the dog, and they met when Sara stopped by the show. Sunny’s mother named the rescue dog Coco Chanel.

Several ladies got to show off their prized animals in the first ever The View’s Pooch Pageant.

Things got so heated during the Pooch Pageant Sara called for security

Joy Behar brought her dog Bernie, whom she named. “Most handsome.”

Ana Navarro brought her dog, the world-traveling ChaCha.

ChaCha and Bernie have their own Instagram accounts; they are so famous.

Alyssa Farah Griffin brought cute little Herbie. She recently shared a photo of herself with Herbie, Santa, and Mrs. Santa Claus on her Instagram.

Sunny Hostin and her entry needed her husband, Dr. Manny Hostina, and a godson to handle. She brought both of her dogs, Phineas and Harlow Pearl.

Sara Haines and the other Judge, Michael Landa, the CEO and founder of Nula Pet Food, declared two winners: Sunny and her two dogs won.

This made the other ladies go crazy. Joy growled, “Big deal!” Alyssa called the competition “Rigged!” Sara admonished the ladies, calling them the peanut gallery and saying, “We will have to disqualify you.”

Then, as the antics did not settle down, Sara called for security. “We are going to need security, you guys! The competition is fierce up here!” she said.

This is not the first time security has helped one of the ladies of The View

Sunny has had a hard time lately getting her voice heard. As reported on Monsters and Critics, Sunny could not even finish a sentence when she tried to explain why she thought Taylor Swift may not be the best choice and Time Magazine’s Person of the Year.

Recently, on Brian Teta’s podcast, The View: Behind the Table, Sunny had her say as she recounted a time when security protected her at the studio.

Joy Behar is infamous for arguing with Trump supporters anywhere, especially on the street outside the studio where The View tapes.

Sunny did that very same thing once when she was out with Ana Navarro. “A construction worker yelled, ‘Trump 2024!’ And I was like, ‘He’s going to jail!'” Sunny told Brian.

Calling the altercation crazy, she said Sammy, a security guard, had to come running to her aid. The guard was shocked and “taken aback,” Sunny said.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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