Here’s why Kelly Ripa is calling Mark Consuelos a ‘ding dong’

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos at the 2023 White House Correspondents Dinner.
Kelly Ripa called her husband Mark Consuelos a ‘ding dong.’ Pic credit: ©

Kelly Ripa resorted to calling Mark Consuelos a “ding dong” today on Live with Kelly and Mark.

Mark Consuelos loves one segment on the show and looks forward to it each weekday. Today, Kelly may have dampened his love for it just a bit.

The newly named Stump Mark is a fan favorite, and everyone loves it when Mark loses, especially his wife Kelly Ripa.

The game’s premise is simple: the contestant has two statements, one a truth and one a lie, and Mark has to guess which is which.

How badly Mark was stumped recently caused some stir between him and Kelly.

Although she is married to him, she loves seeing him lose. One time, she even reached down his shirt live on the show to show he cheated. He did not take that very well.

Today, she resorted to calling him names when he lost and laughed the whole time.

Kelly loves to see Mark lose his Stump Mark game

On Wednesday’s show, a lady named Terry from Vancouver, Washington called in with her statements.

The statements were simple: she went to Disney World the first year it opened, or she met Kelly and Mark once in Greenville, North Carolina, at a restaurant.

She had sent in a photo of Kelly, Mark, and their children, supposedly from a time in North Carolina. It was very authentic looking.

After much back and forth, Mark was sure they had met in North Carolina. Terry had to tell him, “Oh, I wish, Mark. We didn’t. So, I won!”

He was wrong; they had never met, and Terry won the game, much to Kelly’s delight. Terry won a T-shirt and a mug.

Kelly laughed and clapped. She then turned to him and said, “You ding dong!”

This is not the first time Kelly has been shady to Mark

Earlier this month, Kelly chided Mark over his breakup skills during the host chat.

December 11 was National Breakup Day. Kelly and Mark thought that people break up right before the holidays, so no gift would be necessary for Christmas.

Mark offered his breakup skills to the viewing audience, but Kelly had to shade Mark.

She reminded him, “I’m the last person he’s broken up with, that’s right, yeah, here I am.”

Since the couple has been married for 27 years, he doesn’t have a good breakup game.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs on weekdays on ABC.

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2 months ago

Kellys a jerk to be so publicly disrespectful to her husband. I won’t be watching the show, ever, ever never again. Unless… the Network dumps pompous-ass Kelly and gets a new and kinder Hostess!!!