Kelly Ripa reached down Mark Consuelos’ shirt to prove he was cheating during cheeky trivia moment on the show

Kelly Ripa on the red carpet
Kelly Ripa hosts Live with Kelly and Mark with her husband. Pic credit: © Sadou/AdMedia

Kelly Ripa has hosted her show, Live with Kelly and Mark, with her husband for several months.

The couple loves discussing their home life on the show during the daily host chat, including things they bicker about at home.

Talk recently turned to their sleeping habits. Mark explained that Kelly has to press the snooze button at least three times before she gets up for the day.

Kelly teased back that it was only once that she snoozed the alarm. Going back and forth, Mark told her she should sleep in another room.

Kelly got the last word by telling Mark, who apparently snores, “Anybody who snores should sleep outside.”

Kelly and Mark take this fun banter to every segment of their show, including the trivia game that comes after the host chat each day.

Kelly exposed Mark’s crafty deed on Live with Kelly and Mark

Mark is doing so well on the show that they have renamed the trivia segment after him.

The trivia game is now called Stump Mark. Callers give two statements — one is a truth, and one is a lie. The goal is to stump Mark by having him guess the truth incorrectly.

Mark tries hard to win every time. He does not want the caller to win a free mug. This time was no different. The caller from Arizona declared that she was either a coach for a kid’s baseball team or a coach for a youth swim club.

Mark’s job was to decide which was true, the baseball team or the swim club. He asked such detailed questions about the names of the different swimming strokes that he guessed the swimming coach was a lie.

He was correct, and the caller did not win a mug. However, she went on a larger prize, a trip to Panama.

It was not until after the commercial break that Kelly exposed the lengths that Mark went to to win. She had her hands down his shirt and pulled out a crumpled paper.

Kelly told the audience, “He had it all written out here, the different swim strokes and how many meters they all are, and he didn’t want me to show you this, so he crumpled it up and shoved it down his shirt like I wasn’t going to go down there to get it.”

Mark is so intent on winning he gives a prize if you beat him

Kelly posted on her personal Instagram account a picture of Mark and his “I stumped Mark” t-shirt that he gives contestants who stump him in the trivia game.

Kelly proudly showed the t-shirt featuring Mark on the front and a picture of Kelly on the back. Speaking of Mark, Kelly said, “I deserve one of these because I stump him at least 85 times a day.”

With Mark taking such great interest in causing the callers not to win their mug, the segments are all over Live with Kelly and Mark’s social media pages.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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