Kelly Ripa shades Mark Consuelos on his break-up skills

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos at separate events.
Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos celebrate their break up day. Pic credit: ©

Mark Consuelos and his better half, Kelly Ripa, have great banter with each other on their show, Live with Kelly and Mark.

Recently, after they got through Kelly’s wardrobe malfunction with her microphone, Mark had to help in a hands-on way, and the subject turned to National Break-Up Day.

National Break-Up Day is December 11, with Mark spitballing about why it is so close to Christmas.

He started to say that he knew why it was before Christmas, “You are thinking about your investment.”

“Do I double down? Do I fix it with something,” Mark mused, speaking of a fictional relationship. He then said his reasoning: if the relationship goes nowhere, do you want to buy that expensive gift?

Kelly said, “No, that’s not what this article says.” Kelly elaborated that the real reason is that Christmas is a season of reflection, and sometimes you decide, “Let’s break up” after reflecting on it.

Kelly jokes with Mark, ‘I am the last person you broke up with’

Information is Beautiful is a collection of “data-visualizations & infographics made by David McCandless,” according to their page on X, formerly Twitter.

They used Facebook to compile data and concluded that most people changed their relationship settings from couple to single on December 11 each year.

Mark and Kelly took the idea behind Break-up Day and announced to the audience, “Happy Break-Up Day!” “Reach out to us…I can do it.” Mark jokingly told everyone that he was the one to say, “It’s not you,” to your potential break-up partner.

This joking made Kelly reminisce about their courtship. She told the audience, “I’m the last person he’s broken up with, that’s right, yeah, here I am.”

Kelly breathed and said, “He broke up with me three days before we got married.” Then she turned to Mark and said, “How’d that work out for you, Mark?”

Mark eased the situation by saying, “I think really well.”

Kelly teases Mark’s new magazine cover

Kelly posted something exciting about Mark on her Instagram stories this week.

Kelly Ripa's post on her Instagram stories
Kelly Ripa on Instagram. Pic credit: @kellyripa/Instagram

Mark is on the cover of MrFeelgood digital magazine. Mark is no stranger to being in magazines. He was in the People’s Sexiest Man Alive edition as Sexiest Moring Host.

In the Mr. Feelgood interview, Mark talks about his life with Kelly and how they manage their twenty-seven-year marriage, childhood, and family.

Mark also talks about something many may not know about him. He is claustrophobic.

Mark told the interviewer, John Pearson, that he discovered his claustrophobia when he was “about 38 years old.” He described going scuba diving and suddenly feeling intense anxiety.

He lives in a city that makes elevator use necessary and has an elevator in his home. To combat that, he keeps a stash of medication in the elevator, he also explained to the interviewer.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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