Here’s why Joy Behar was suddenly missing from The View

Joy Behar on The View
Joy Behar on The View. Pic credit: ABC

The View usually has a set schedule. Joy Behar is off Monday, and Whoopi Goldberg is off on Friday. This arrangement balances off the ladies and their busy schedules.

Sara Haines is the usual fill-in host, according to the executive producer Brian Teta on his podcast, Behind The Table, The View. He uses her for various projects.

But today was unusual because Joy wasn’t in her seat, and they had to call in a backup, who happened to be Ana Navarro.

Ana Navarro does not get along with all the ladies, but it seems they had no choice but to call her in to fill Joy’s seat.

She has been accused of snubbing her co-hosts by not inviting them to her home to party. Today, she had to put that all aside and play well with the ladies.

Everyone was concerned about Joy when they realized she wasn’t walking out with the other ladies on November 2.

Whoopi addressed Joy’s absence at the top of the show

Whoopi greeted the audience, “Happy, happy… What is it? Thursday? Welcome to The View.”

“So, Joy is not here today because she is preparing for the premiere of her play Bonkers in the Boroughs at the New York Comedy Festival,” said Whoopi.

She concluded, “We didn’t want her to be stressed.” This play is a lot of work for Joy.

Ana explained that Joy “wrote it and produced it.” The ladies all started talking over each other.

“In one of the plays. She keeps reminding me,” Sunny said, “Acting in it too.”

“So, that’s why she’s not here,” Whoopi said.

Instagram user posted a photo of Joy Behar. Pic credit: @lcliberatore/Instagram

Joy explained to the ladies that this is her new chapter

Joy chose to tell the ladies about this exciting new part of her life during her birthday celebration on the show.

Saying that this is her “new chapter,” Joy excitedly explained all about her five new short plays.

Joy told everyone that she is also acting in one, and they will be shown November 3-5 at the Manhattan Movement and Arts Center.

The tagline from the site declares, “Bonkers in the Boroughs is an evening of five short, quirky comedies about New York families with all their charm and eccentricities. You might recognize someone you know!!! All written by Joy Behar.”

We all wish Joy much success in this new endeavor.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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