Here’s why Joy Behar told Matt Rogers to ‘shut up’

Joy Behar on The View
Joy Behar told Matt Rogers to shut up on The View. Pic credit: ABC

The View’s Joy Behar is known for being older and cranky occasionally. She frequently looks bored and wants the show to move on.

Brian Teta, executive producer of The View, has called her out on her behavior before, and Joy has snapped back that she’s “cranky.”

But she is also becoming known for something else lately — she has a thing for feet.

Mario Lopez dropped by the show, and Joy made a spectacle of herself by high-fiving, as she called it, Mario’s shoe-clad foot with her own.

Another time, she had Matthew McConaughey give her a foot massage.

This time, though, something was revealed that she would rather stay quiet about when guest Matt Rogers came to promote his new holiday album.

Joy Behar wants Matt Rogers to stop talking about her feet

Matt Rogers has self-proclaimed himself the “Prince of Christmas.” He justified that name by saying he “googled it” and no one else had it, so he is going with it.

Matt Rogers came on the show telling the ladies that the last time he saw them was on a plane back from the Bahamas.

Sunny Hostin told him, “You are a lot of fun!” Matt remembered a giant water slide at the hotel and that while Sara Haines would go down, Sunny was scared, too. Sunny did admit to being “risk averse.”

The ladies and Matt were joking about how much fun they had had, and then there was the plane ride home.

Then Matt turned to Joy and shocked the whole panel. “You were barefoot on that plane!”

The ladies were sitting in the front row of the plane, and he and his friends were just behind them, giving them the perfect glimpse of those feet.

Sara Haines was shocked into silence when she heard what Matt said to Joy

Sara could not believe what he said, and neither could Joy. She yelled, “Stop! Shut up.” Joy was so upset that she told Matt, “Don’t tell people that!”

Sara Haines on The View.
Sara Haines could not believe what Matt Rogers said about Joy Behar. Pic credit: ABC

Realizing that he may have overstepped, Matt said, “I respect it.”

Joy clarified that she wasn’t walking around, and Sunny agreed, “I was seated next to her.”

Then Sunny looked at Joy and said, “You did take your shoes off.”

“So what!” Joy exclaimed, “I object to this court of inquiry.” Joy may get talked to by Brian again over her behavior today.

Matt called it a “power move.” Sara tried to laugh this off and said they were all friends now.

“Not me, now that you outed me,” Joy griped.

Rogers asked, “No? You’re mad at me?” Matt tried to soothe Joy by saying, “They were beautiful feet, stunning!”

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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