Sunny Hostin and The View audience in disbelief over Mario Lopez’s real age

Sunny Hostin on The View
Sunny Hostin was surprised about Mario Lopez’s age. Pic credit: ABC

Mario Lopez recently dropped by The View studio to promote his shoe line. The ladies were all crooning over his shoes.

Alyssa Farah Griffin commented that they had noticed his “pretty cool kicks” as he walked onstage.

The entire show suddenly became about shoes. Joy Behar lifted her shoe to touch Mario’s at the table.

Mario told Joy, “There you go, there you go! We just did a little high five.” Joy has done this before by allowing Matthew McConaughey to give her a foot massage.

Sunny Hostin told Mario his shoes were “nice” and asked if she could touch them. She then reached down under the table to rub the shoes.

Mario was also on the show to talk about the milestone he has recently reached.

Sunny Hostin jokes with Mario Lopez

Sunny Hostin could not believe how young Mario looked as he walked to the table. After greeting Joy and the other ladies, Sunny asked, “Are you drinking vampire blood?”

Sara Haines noted that Mario had been on the show Saved By The Bell, and then she told him she could not believe he just turned 50.

The audience audibly gasped at this news. That got Mario’s attention. He started to say, “Yeah, I just turned 50, and you can’t really. I heard some gasps.”

He looked at the audience and said, “Wow.”

Joy reassured him, “You look 20. That’s why. The hair alone.” Mario touched his hair and sheepishly said, “I have a touch of Just For Men going on.”

He went on to say that while he was a bit depressed at turning 50, he admitted feeling blessed.

Aging continues to be discussed quite often on The View

Joy cut into the conversation to say, “To continue this ageist conversation we are having…50 is half a century and makes a girl think.”

The ladies brought up The Golden Girls, as the ladies on that sitcom were all in their 50s, too.

As previously reported on Monsters and Critics, Sunny Hostin made a stir with her fans when she revealed her age. She stunned people who honestly thought she was at least a decade younger.

Joy Behar turned 81 in October and still got scolded for her age by The View’s executive producer, Brian Teta, of all people. Brian dared to ask her about the Boston Tea Party.

Joy quickly hit him back with a pithy reply by saying, “You should know, you were there too.”

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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