Joy Behar called out over her attitude again

Joy Behar on The View
Joy Behar appears on The View. Pic Credit: ABC

An 81-year-old Joy Behar is feeling her age lately. She didn’t even want to celebrate her birthday with her co-hosts on The View recently.

The ladies set up a whole party. The audience cheered and clapped as Joy came out.

And all Joy could do was push away the cameraman as he tried for a close-up.

“Let’s just do the show. I can’t get excited. I’m just glad I’m alive,” she told the ladies.

Lately, Joy has been called out for being bored during a Latin American celebration as well. She has also snapped at Sara Haines, telling her she needs therapy.

Now, the executive producer of The View, Brian Teta, has taken Joy to task again.

Brian Teta calls Joy Behar cranky

Brian Teta hosts the Behind the Table podcast each week. This episode has a sad and deflated Joy Behar as the guest.

The news around the world and in the US has been heavy lately. No one is joking around or having fun, and Joy Behar is feeling that vibe.

Brian observed to Joy, “You are feeling it this week.” He mentioned she was “dark”.

Joy agreed, “I worry about nuclear war all the time. I’m a worrier.”

Brian then complained to Joy, “But it makes my life harder generally because you’re cranky.”

“So what! Who cares? I’m cranky,” Joy snapped back to Brian. Brian has an almost impossible job.

As executive producer on the show, it is Brian’s job to wrangle the ladies into giving the viewers an enjoyable and informative hour.

‘I want things to be better,’ Joy confessed to Brian

Joy began to talk about aging and that she feels at her age, things go way too fast; also mentioning regressing as you age. Joy admitted she just wants things better.

“Life is short. It’s a cliché, but it’s damn true!” Joy concluded the age talk on the podcast.

Joy also took the time to mention her 27 years on The View. She added 27 years, give or take the time she was fired.

Revealing that she felt someone wanted her gone, she thought it was her political stance, according to an article in Looper.

She left in 2013 and was back in time for the 2016 election. Now, Joy has revealed the only way she will leave The View again.

As reported on Monsters and Critics, Joy has a plan. The only way she is leaving is by a certain route.

Joy joked, “They’ll take me out of here in a coffin, probably.”

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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7 months ago

Joy Behar is a hateful racist bitch and should be fired so no one ever has to look at her hateful face ever again she is a P. O. S.

7 months ago

Why don’t they just get rid of her , she seems to be sooo unhappy to be on this show along with Whoopi Goldberg they both need to go and I’m still waiting for her to move out of the USA like she said she was going to do if Trump was elected ‼️‼️I for one would actually help her pack her bags

7 months ago

Please get rid of a job with the Goldberg he’s very nasty she always has an attitude problem so please get rid of her

A fan ❤️
A fan ❤️
7 months ago

I enjoy you on the View .
Don’t listen to the haters.

7 months ago

The point of “The View” is just that, it’s everyone’s point of view and that’s why we all continue to watch it! May it be good or bad, we all have an opinion and to mess with the dialogue now would ruin the show. So keep on watching, I LOVE IT! When they get on my nerves I walk away for a few minutes and return for some more great daily madness. Like myself, we all turn in each day to see what new on The View. Please keep it the way it is, others have tried to duplicate the format of this show and no one has even come near in competition. So that lets me know that “The View” is the daily dose we all need…. ijs.

7 months ago

Whoopi is forever picking a fight if says the slightest thing that could sound like a particular black person is disliked. She acts so bored.