Here’s who died in the American Horror Story: Double Feature finale

Sarah Paulson stars as Mamie Eisenhower, as seen in Episode 10 of FX's American Horror Story: Double Feature
Sarah Paulson stars as Mamie Eisenhower, as seen in Episode 10 of American Horror Story: Double Feature. Pic credit: FX

Season 10 of American Horror Story: Double Feature has come and gone. Broken up into two parts, the first looked at a vampire infestation, the second, an alien invasion.

While viewers already know who lived and died in the finale of Part One, here’s the breakdown of who lived and died in Episode 10.

Who died in the throwback section of AHS?

While Season 10 of AHS has been broken up into two parts, the alien portion of the season has also been split within each episode. Concurrently running has been the story of how humans ended up signing the contract to help the dying race of aliens survive as well as how it’s all going in the present day.

So, let’s take a look at who died in the earlier timeframe.

President Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower (Neal Donough) decided that even though he was given the option of living forever thanks to alien technology, he decided to take the human exit out of Earth and die naturally of old age.

His wife, however, wanted no part of that and made it clear to Valiant Thor (Cody Fern) that she wanted to live forever. But, technically, she had to fake her death after that in order to make it look like she had also died in order to claim immortality.

Overall, those two were the only major deaths for the Season 10 finale of American Horror Story: Double Feature — for the throwback section, at least.

Here’s who died in the present-day

In the present day, the carnage was much greater.

While it was suspected at the end of Episode 9 of AHS that Troy (Isaac Powell) would perish thanks to a newborn alien/human baby taking a deadly liking to his face, Episode 10 definitely confirmed his demise.

However, this episode also confirmed that Cal (Nico Greetham) also died. He was the parent of the newborn and the pair had sneaked off to a secluded location in order to deliver Cal’s baby.

Along with these deaths, Jamie (Rachel Hilson) also died after giving birth to an alien/human hybrid. This confirmed what many viewers had already suspected: that no human host was getting out of Area 51 alive after delivery, as Jamie’s cause of death was a slit throat.

Kendall (Kaia Gerber), while giving birth to a perfect alien/human hybrid, also died of unnatural causes — or did she?

Sure, she was decapitated by Theta (Angelica Ross), but she also lived on to become a human host for more alien babies as she was considered the perfect host body. After she was killed, a giant silver ball was added to her neck and this kept her body “alive” to create more life.

Also, it was confirmed that clones of Kendall would be produced in order to create as many babies as quickly as possible. So, she … died? Well, sort of.

All of humanity was also expected to die with the conclusion of American Horror Story: Double Feature. This was confirmed by Valient Thor to Mamie after the first perfect alien/human hybrid was born. While this was not shown onscreen, it can be assumed as Mamie failed in her plan to kill the hybrid baby and its host.

Finally, Mamie died. Even though she had opted into eternal life, she decided after discovering that all humans on Earth would be destroyed in order for the aliens to populate it that she would rather die.

Sure, she quickly roused up a plan to bring down the aliens by taking out the new hybrid baby but Theta quickly put a stop to that and exploded Mamie’s head in the end.

Season 11 of American Horror Story has been renewed by FX and is expected to air in 2022.

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