Here’s when The View will return with new episodes

Sara Haines on The View
Fans were wondering when The View will be back with new episodes. Pic credit: ABC

Fans of The View historically hate it when the show is on hiatus and shows reruns, especially during an election year.

With many vital issues happening daily in America, The View fans want to see what Whoopi Goldberg or Sara Haines will say about them.

The View went on hiatus without warning, and fans got upset, as Monsters and Critics reported. The consensus is that The View should give better warning when they air repeat episodes.

Exciting news is ahead for fans of The View who had to watch previously recorded episodes of outdated news for the week.

The View shared an Independence Day post with fans asking again when the show would return from vacation in the comments.

The crew at The View shared a post captioned, “From all of us at #TheView, we wish you a happy 4th of July!”

New episodes of The View will air the week of July 8, 2024

New episodes of The View will be back next week with exciting guests. The Laughing Place reports that guests include Amandla Stenberg, Michael Douglas, and Antony Starr.

The ladies, including Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar, should all be in good spirits for the coming week after a much-needed vacation.

Fans commented on the post, and they almost got into a brawl. One fan shared, “How long are you going to be off on another vacation?”

One was cheeky and said, “Hopefully until next January,” while another said, “They’ll be back next week so you can watch, comment and hate again.”

Fans of The View commenting on Instagram
Fans comment on The View. Pic credit: @theviewabc/Instagram

Either way, most people love or hate The View. The good news is that new episodes will begin airing on Monday.

Sara Haines shares a sweet video of her young children during the hiatus

Sara Haines spent a wonderful time with her children during the Independence Day holiday.

Sara is a great mom who won’t even call her children on vacation because she is afraid to upset their dear little hearts while she is gone.

The co-host of The View has an elaborate plan where a caregiver reports to her about them, and they send her video updates.

Sara shared a cute video on her Instagram that she captioned, “Learning with the littles.”

Hopefully, once the show returns, each host will share what they did during their extended time off from work.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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