Here’s why Joy Behar fans are upset The View is on hiatus

Joy Behar on the red carpet
Fans wish that Joy Behar had announced The View is on hiatus. Pic credit: © StarMaxWorldwide

Fans are tuning into The View this week only to learn that their favorite show is in reruns again.

With so many critical political events happening in the nation, fans undoubtedly hoped to listen to their favorite commentators’ reactions.

Each time The View has a down week, fans are understandably upset for the same reasons: they did not let anyone know they were going on vacation.

It happened again this time; Joy Behar did not indicate that the show would not be live the following week.

Whoopi Goldberg moderates The View but takes a long weekend, leaving Joy in charge on Fridays. That’s an excellent time for the crew to alert faithful viewers of a change.

The ladies on The View typically take off in August each year, but fans wondered what would happen on Independence Day.

Fans ask for an update on The View for the Fourth of July week

Everyone deserves a vacation, even favorite talk show hosts like Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin; that isn’t the problem.

Fans are expressing frustrations because no one alerted the viewers that The View is on hiatus.

One fan on Reddit asked, “Is The View on hiatus this week for the holiday?” Then others started to share information, with one fan saying, “Just one week. They’re back on Monday.”

Another fan said, “Ok. That makes sense since they take off most of August. Thanks.”

Another fan shared that they found out about the reruns via a local television guide and then voiced their frustration, saying, “I wish they would announce this on the show…Last Friday at the end of the show, Joy could have said that they are taking off for the next 10 days and will be back on July 8th.”

Another fan pointed out the importance of ratings. If you tell fans they will be off, they will not tune in until they return.

Fans react to old episodes of The View on Reddit
Fans react to old episodes of The View. Pic credit: u/Apprehensive-One-316/Reddit

Sara Haines teases another project during the hiatus

The ladies, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, and Sara Haines, have all been off doing other projects or enjoying a nice vacation during this downtime.

Sara took the time to update her fans that she is filming What Would You Do again for the ABC network while The View has been on hiatus.

A schedule change might benefit Sara since fans have been worried about her “almost manic” behavior lately.

Sara Haines shared a photo on Instagram
During the hiatus on The View, Sara Haines is filming What Would You Do for ABC. Pic credit: @sarahaines/Instagram

She also shared another photo on her Instagram Stories, a behind-the-scenes image.

Sara Haines on the set of WWYD
Sara Haines shared a behind-the-scenes photo of filming What Would You Do. Pic credit: @sarahaines/Instagram

It will be great when The View is live again, and the co-hosts can update everyone on their recent activities.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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