Heather from Dating Around Season 2: Are she and Ernesto still together and where is she now?

Heather and Ernesto from Dating Around Season 2
Fans want to know whether Heather and Ernesto from Dating Around Season 2 are still together. Pic credit: @ernestoarmand0/Instagram

Dating Around Season 2, Episode 4, followed Heather Salvaggio and her five suitors. She went on a blind date with each one but hit it off with Ernesto and went on a second date.

Ernesto Posadas is an airline sales executive and travel enthusiast who loves charity work. The others competing on Dating Around Season 2 to win Heather’s heart were Lawrence, Montrell, Truman, and Deavhon.

Heather, an animal lover, wasn’t impressed when Truman revealed he was an outdoor person who loved hunting.

There appeared to have been some chemistry between Heather and Lawrence, and they even kissed.

However, Heather shared a special spark of chemistry with Ernesto that she did not have with the others.

Many fans agreed they had a special connection and hoped their relationship would last, although most couples on TV dating shows rarely stick together for long.

Here is what we know concerning whether Heather and Ernesto continued seeing each other after their second date and whether they are still together.

Are Heather and Ernesto still together?

The latest activity on their social media accounts shows that Heather and Ernesto are still an item.

Both have recently taken to their respective Instagram accounts to confirm they are still together.

Heather took to her Instagram last week to post a photo of herself and Ernesto together.

“Dis my baby . & AINT NOBODY FINNA TOUCH EM” #aTicTocPoem. Date nights and cheek kisses with my sweet sweet love! I love you I love you I loveeeeee you! #celebritycrush.”


Heather Salvaggio on Instagram
Pic credit: @hsalvaggio/Instagram

Ernesto also took to his Instagram on June 19 to declare his undying love for Heather.

“You are my ❤️ You bring me unending joy, happiness and love. From the moment we first met the moments we’ve shared are undeniably special. I am so excited to share so many more memories and growth with you @hsalvag.”

Ernesto from Dating Dating Around
Pic credit: @ernestoarmand0/Instagram

He followed up on July 11 with another Instagram post.

“Last time we got to dress up together and dance the night away baby @hsalvaggio.”

Ernesto and Heather from Dating Around
Pic credit: @ernestoarmand0/Instagram

Where is Heather now?

Based on the latest posts on her professional Instagram page, Heather is still working as a make-up artist.

She also has a YouTube channel, but it’s been months since she last posted to it.

In Dating Around Season 2, Episode 4, which dropped on Netflix on June 12, Heather and Ernesto revealed they were still living with their parents.

Ernesto later revealed on Dating Around that he bought a house in New Orleans.

This led to speculation that he and Heather could be taking the next big step in their relationship by moving in together. But the two have not reacted to the speculation on social media.

Dating Around Season 2 is streaming on Netflix.

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