Ben Samuel update from Dating Around Season 2: Where is he now and are he and Alex still together?

Ben Samuel and Alex Bosworth on Dating Around
Fans loved Ben Samuel on Dating Around, but did he have more dates with Alex? Pic credit: Netflix.

Episode 2 of Netflix’s Dating Around brought us a firm fan favorite in the form of professor Benjamin Samuel. It has left many of us wondering where he is now, and most importantly, is he still dating Alex.

Ben is a Californian born professor of computer science at the University of New Orleans, and he is equal measure eccentric and lovable at the same time.

He appeared on the second episode of season 2 of the dating show that focuses on one person as they have five consecutive dates, and then leaves them to choose who they go with on a second date.

Ben Samuel won viewers hearts on Dating Around

Our hero won over fans by being super nice, super genuine, and fully engaged in everything his dates had to say. And he totally melted everybody’s hearts when he spoke about Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans.

Ben got all emotional when he said: “There’s something about the city, like a city is just a bunch of buildings, right? Until you fill it with people. I think the people of New Orleans are absolutely incredible.” Aww.

Ben dated Jaden, Shamerick, Kat, Stephanie, and Alex.

There was a bit of a concern when we all learned that Stephanie was a student at his university, and Ben wasn’t sure if he’d be allowed to date her. He decided it was probably okay, but he didn’t ask for a second date.

However, Ben and singer Alex Bosworth connected almost immediately over their love of musicals, and it was her that he chose for a second date.

Although he was turned down by Jaden (who said she felt their relationship was more platonic), he exchanged numbers with Kat.

There was excitement as Ben and Alex ended the episode by disappearing off with a bottle of wine and some gnocchi. But did the dates continue?

A post on Ben Samuel's Instagram
Pic credit: @progresspian/ Instagram

Are Ben and Alex still together?

It’s not looking very promising, folks. It appears that Cupid’s arrow missed its target. There was some excitement when fans saw Alex followed Ben on Instagram, but sadly, he did not reciprocate the follow.

Neither of them made any indication on social media that they are dating one another, or anyone else for that matter, which led some to speculate that perhaps the show requires them to keep relationships on the QT.

Most damning of all, though, is when Ben told Entertainment Weekly: “I’m happily single at the moment.”

Case closed, perhaps.

He also stated: “I’ve never felt more comfortable and confident with future dating prospects. And, don’t tell anyone, but I also harbor a secret crush on basically every person I’ve ever known.”

So while it may not have worked out with Alex, that does mean that Ben is still up for dating someone in the New Orleans area.

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Dating Around is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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