HBO Max DC shows revealed: Super Hero High, Strange Adventures, and Green Lantern coming via DCU

dcu series doom patrol among hbo max dc shows
DCU series Doom Patrol will arrive as part of the HBO Max DC shows. Pic credit: DC Universe/YouTube

The new streaming service, HBO Max, will officially arrive in 2020. The latest news on yet another streaming platform arrives with their announcement of a number of the new programs set to be featured on it. Among them will be HBO Max DC shows, including Green Lantern, Stranger Adventures, and DC Super Hero High.

HBO Max set for May 2020 launch

On Tuesday, an HBO Max announcement arrived that excited and confused people. HBO currently offers HBO Go and HBO Now, two streaming options that subscribers have been using for years to watch their favorite shows, movies, or other content from HBO. Now, there will be a new service named HBO Max, with new and original programming set to officially launch in May 2020.

Per Engadget, the price will come in at $14.99 per month, which is the same price as HBO Now. Anyone who currently has HBO Now will get HBO Max as a free upgrade. In addition, AT&T customers who have HBO as part of their service will get HBO Max for free. Everyone else will need to sign up and start paying that $14.99 to enjoy the new streaming service.

DCU shows coming to HBO Max

In addition to the big Game of Thrones spinoff prequel series called House of the Dragon, a number of new shows from the DC Universe (DCU) were also announced for HBO Max. According to Variety, that includes both a Green Lantern and Strange Adventures series that will come courtesy of Greg Berlanti.

A Green Lantern movie was released in 2011 and became a running joke with Ryan Reynolds playing the title character. There’s never been an official Green Lantern television series, although there have been cameos for the character in Smallville and Legends of the Superheroes, as well as references in the Arrowverse.

Strange Adventures will be a one-hour DC superhero anthology series. Variety reported that each episode explores stories about “intersecting lives of ordinary humans and superhuman.”

DC Super Hero High brings an interesting premise with it. According to Heroic Hollywood, the series, which is being developed by actress and director Elizabeth Banks, will focus on younger individuals who eventually go on to become legendary superheroes. However, in the show, they are “trying to navigate the pressures of high school,” bringing some interesting drama and adventures under the spotlight.

It was also revealed, as part of a surprise announcement, that the popular show Doom Patrol from the DC Universe streaming service will move to HBO Max for season 2. HBO announced this on Twitter, along with news of popular DC superhero movies, such as Joker, coming to the service.

Most likely, these moves are to try to fight the competition that Disney Plus will bring with their various Marvel and Star Wars series starting in November. That said, HBO has shown an ability to capture viewers’ attention with award-winning series like Game of Thrones, Veep, Barry, and The Sopranos. Now, they’ll shift attention to the popular superhero world.

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