Harry Potter TV series sets 2026 premiere date: Here’s what we know

Daniel Radcliffe on Harry Potter 20th anniversary special.
Could Daniel Radcliffe return for the Harry Potter TV series? Pic credit: Max

The Harry Potter franchise fans were left speechless when Max officially picked up a TV series based on the original novels in early 2023.

Since then, details have been scarce, leading many to believe the show may not see the light of day.

Exciting projects often enter development only to land in development hell for years.

Thankfully, we got an exciting announcement about this return to the Wizarding World on Friday morning.

In an earnings call, Warner Bros. Discovery boss David Zaslav revealed that he and execs spent time in London with J.K. Rowling and her team.

“Both sides are thrilled to be reigniting this franchise. Our conversations were great, and we couldn’t be more excited about what’s ahead,” he said during the call.

When will Harry Potter premiere on Max?

“We can’t wait to share a decade of new stories with fans around the world on Max,” Zaslave continued before revealing when the show should be on the air.

“We’re aiming for a debut in 2026,” he revealed.

A premiere day two years away isn’t surprising because the show needs to go through the pre-production process, build sets, and many other things before it can premiere.

The VFX will probably be one of the biggest hurdles because Warner Bros. Discovery’s biggest fantasy properties have some best-in-class visuals.

The final seasons of Game of Thrones took longer to make due to increased dragon scenes, and a similar fate awaits House of the Dragon, which seems poised to launch seasons every two years.

How many seasons of the Harry Potter TV series have been ordered?

While we know that one season is in the works for now, the aim is to adapt all seven books, which Max previously teased would lead to a show spanning 10 seasons.

Whether spin-offs are on the table or not, we don’t know, but the Wizarding World is such a rich universe that’s brimming with story potential.

Telling the novel stories over a longer arc will be exciting, but its success will come down to whether the show can capture the original work’s essence.

The movies were, of course, massive and beloved by many people.

Max announced the show will be a “faithful adaptation,” and we’re sure they’ll want to get this right, or it could do more harm to the franchise than the Fantastic Beasts movies did.

Will Harry Potter movie stars appear in the Max series?

Casting details have not yet been revealed, and we’re sure there will be a lot to say when the show gets into production.

There’s a chance that some of the movie stars could appear, but there’s an even higher chance they will be playing new roles.

Could you imagine if any of them got to reprise their roles? The fan base would melt down.

Harry Potter is set to premiere on Max in 2026. All eight movies are currently streaming on the platform.

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