Harriet Margulies on NCIS: Who was the NCIS ‘in memory of’ title card for?

NCIS S19 cast
NCIS paid tribute to someone who had worked on the show for years. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS honored Harriet Margulies at the end of the episode of the show that aired on November 8.

As has become customary for the hit CBS drama and its spin-offs, if someone close to the show passes away, the producers insert a title card at the end of the episode.

This custom has become a very good way for the show to pay tribute to people who have been involved in the making of the drama over all of these years.

Once the NCIS episode called Docked came to an end, NCIS fans saw a beautiful picture of Harriet Margulies and a tribute to her memory.

Margulies died on October 30 in Northridge, California, at age 94.

Harriet Margulies title card shared on NCIS

“In memory of our friend and colleague Harriet Margulies,” read the message on the title card. It ended by saying, “We will miss you.”

Harriet Title Card NCIS
NCIS honored Harriet Margulies during Season 19, Episode 7 of the show. Pic credit: CBS

Who was Harriet Margulies on NCIS?

For 19 years, Harriet Margulies served as an audience liaison for the show. According to Variety, this meant that “she was the go-between for Belisarius Productions and the ‘NCIS’ fan base, answering hundreds of information requests from viewers.”

The report also stated that “In earlier years of the show, she helped organize fan participation at an annual fan convention in Los Angeles, organizing a set visit for attendees.”

In addition to her work on NCIS, which also included being an assistant to the producer on numerous episodes, Margulies also worked as an assistant to the producer and audience coordinator on JAG. For new NCIS fans, JAG was the show that originally spun off into NCIS many years ago.

A really neat bit of trivia is that Harriet Margulies also appeared in small parts during two episodes of NCIS.

Margulies first appeared on a 2004 episode of NCIS called Forced Entry, where she played a character dubbed as “attractive older woman.”

Margulies would return to the small screen for a 2006 NCIS episode called Escaped, where she played an older woman.

Last spring, NCIS aired a title card for Shannon Soucie. The May 2021 episode honored Soucie after she passed away. She had previously done work in the make-up department for NCIS, in addition to other works that she had been a part of within the industry.

NCIS airs Mondays at 9/8c on CBS.

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