Hanna Season 3 release date and cast latest: Will show get new season, and when will it come out?

A scene from Hanna
Esme Creed-Miles has played our teenage heroine, Hanna, in two series of the hit Amazon show. Pic credit: Amazon Prime Studios

Amazon Prime’s action-drama series Hanna has proved a hit with fans and critics alike, and the first two seasons are now available for streaming, but when will season 3 be released?

The series was created and written by David Farr. It stars Esmé Creed-Miles (Hanna) and Mireille Enos (Marissa Wiegler), Dermot Mulroney (John Carmichael).

Creed-Miles stars as our teenage heroine, Hanna, who was the subject of a CIA experiment to create genetically-modified super-soldiers.

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Hanna was rescued as an infant from the CIA by Erik Heller (Joel Kinnaman), who kept her in a secluded part of Poland and trained her to fight himself.

The first season was a reimagining of the 2011 movie of the same name starring Saoirse Ronan. However, the second season waded into brand new territory as we saw Hanna team up with frenemy Marissa Wiegler to infiltrate Utrax and expose the shadowy Pioneers.

“What now?” cried the final line in the Season 2 finale. Well, that’s precisely what we all want to know.

  • Updated November 10, 2021: Added announced release date, the trailer, and new casting news.

Is there going to be a Season 3 of Hanna?

The season 2 finale left us with so many unanswered questions, such as who are the pioneers? And will Hanna and Marissa succeed in re-infiltrating Utrax?

These above factors combined with the painstaking effort laid out by the writers in developing these characters means there’s bound to be a season three.

The star of the show, Esmé Creed-Miles, has already told the Radio Times that she’d be interested in reprising the role for a third time.

And showrunner David Farr has also admitted to EW that he has a third season or “act” as he called it mapped out in his imagination all this time.

Farr teased fans by saying, “all I can say for now is that from the end of this season, you can see that I have a plan in my imagination for where this goes. I’d love the opportunity to tell that story. I always imagined it having that third act. More than that, I just can’t say for now.”

When is Hanna Season 3 likely to come out?

The coronavirus pandemic caused by COVID-19 has spread uncertainty as well as germs across the globe, meaning many TV productions have been put on hiatus.

Farr, himself, said, “at the moment things are particularly uncertain, so we wait.”

Deadline reported that Hanna Season 3 will arrive on November 24, 2021.

Check out the Hanna Season 3 trailer here:

Hanna Season 3 - Official Teaser | Prime Video

What will season 3 of Hanna be all about?

Farr also said he “always had it in mind” where the third act/series would end up.

“When you make a TV show, you do have to have an architecture in your head vaguely what it is and how long it might be, and that can change slightly,” Farr explained.

“But in my head, I always had that three-pronged idea of which the first act was the movie, and this is a very exciting second act.”

While season 1 mirrored the 2011 film, season 2 broke away with a whole new plotline, and season 3 also promises to be all new territory.

The second season added a whole new dimension with our young Utrax trainees/experiments becoming fully-fledged kick-ass assassins. This opens up an entirely new area for the show to explore.

The development of Sandy (Áine Rose Daly), who went from a wholesome goody-two-shoes type character to a cold-blooded killer, will hopefully be further explored.

We can also expect to see Marissa Wiegler use Utrax to wage war against the mysterious Pioneer Group.

And will Hanna finally be able to escape from a life where she is continually hunted?

Farr has emphasized that the development of Hanna will continue to be of great importance in the next series. He said he’s excited about “watching this young woman go from knowing nothing about the world to being able to truly take her place in it.”

Hanna Season 3 cast updates

Whereas many of the cast members from season 1 didn’t carry over into season 2, with the exception of Esme Creed-Miles and Mireille Enos, we can reasonably expect most of the season 2 cast to reappear in the third act.

Notable exceptions will be Anthony Welsh, who played Leo Garner, and Yasmin Monet Prince’s Clara, who was written out of the show with a happy ending.

Otherwise, expect to see Hanna, Marissa Wiegler, John Carmichael, and Sandy along with the season 2 newbies Gianna Kiehl as Jules Allen, and Cherrelle Skeete as Terri Miller.

Ray Liotta joins the cast for Season 3 as Gordon Evans, a respected former military man and intelligence operative who wields incredible insider power.

Evans sees himself as a visionary with a rigid moral code, a true patriot who will do what needs to be done to protect his country.

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Catch the first two series of Hanna on Amazon Prime Video, available Now.

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