Grey’s Anatomy spoilers: Clarity on Jackson, April, and the road trip

Jackson And April Greys
Jackson Avery and April Kepner will share the screen on a new Grey’s Anatomy episode. Pic credit: ABC

Grey’s Anatomy spoilers about the next episode of the show have been revealed by actress Sarah Drew herself. Drew plays April Kepner on the show, and she is returning for a big episode very soon.

On the new episode of Grey’s Anatomy, we are also going to see what happens during the road trip that Jackson Avery is taking. There were a lot of tense moments during the last episode of Grey’s Anatomy but it ended on a bit of a mystery when Jackson entered a destination into the navigation system of his vehicle.

In a new interview, Sarah Drew set the record straight on a few rumors about what’s coming up. She also presented some interesting facts about the show that the average viewer might not already know about – part of it addressing where the character of April Kepner has been since she worked her last day at Grey Sloan Memorial.

It was pretty remarkable that Japril was trending on Twitter after ABC presented a promo of Jackson and April for the next episode of the show. It definitely shows how interested fans are in finding out what is going on in that relationship and there were a lot of rumors about April being the person that Jackson was traveling to see.

Sarah Drew shares some Grey’s Anatomy spoilers

No, Jackson is not driving 11 hours to visit April. As revealed in the video shared below, April has been living in Seattle all along. Jackson and April have been co-parenting their kid, even though April hasn’t appeared in an episode of the show in a few years. They basically live close to one another and it will be easy for this next visit to take place.

Though viewers haven’t seen Jackson and April interacting together on-screen, it has definitely been taking place off-screen. It’s a very interesting wrinkle to the writing within the show and something that is going to get addressed in a big way during Grey’s Anatomy Season 17, Episode 14.

Who is Jackson driving to see on Grey’s Anatomy?

In the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Jackson is traveling to visit his father. In the past, it has been referenced that his father is in Montana, which is why it is going to take Jackson a bit of time to get there from Seattle.

Jackson is going to be visiting with April during the same episode, meaning he might stop by for a chat on his way back, which would make a lot of sense if he gets the advice he is seeking from his dad. No matter what order things transgress within the episode, it is very clear that most of the focus is going to be on Jackson and how he will end up approaching life once the hour has come to an end.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 17, Episode 14 airs for the first time on Thursday, May 6, and it is called Look Up Child. It will follow a new episode of Station 19 and this is an episode of the show that viewers are not going to want to miss.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursday nights at 9/8c on ABC.

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