Green Lantern: Cyborg Superman and 9 other villains we want to see in HBO Max series

Green Lantern villains
Cyborg Superman and Sinestro as Green Lantern villains. Pic credit: DC Comics

Green Lantern is coming to HBO Max in a DCEU series that will feature the entire Green Lantern Corps.

Green Lantern is part of a cosmic police force that operates all over the universe, and that force is the Green Lantern Corps.

There are also several Green Lanterns from Earth, with Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, and more holding the mantle.

This means their villains are often big enough to present world-ending threats.

From the start of his career protecting Earth, Hal Jordan dealt with these villains as best he could, and even he eventually fell to the might of these villains.

His replacements struggled as much as he did and eventually, even when Hal returned to the fold, the Green Lanterns of Earth faced threats that few other heroes ever imagined.

Here is a look at 10 Green Lantern villains we would love to see in the Green Lantern Corps HBO Max series.

Cyborg Superman

Cyborg Superman
Cyborg Superman. Pic credit: DC Comics

When Superman died at the hands of Doomsday, the Reign of Supermen began.

While two of these Supermen ended up as heroes in their own rights, with Superboy and Steel, there were problems with the others and there was no one more dangerous at the time than Hank Henshaw, known as Cyborg Superman.

This villain ended up teaming with Mongul and together they destroyed Coast City, killing everyone Hal Jordan swore to protect.

This act drove Hal over the edge and Green Lantern eventually turned evil, giving himself over to Parallax.

Hector Hammond

Hector Hammond
Hector Hammond. Pic credit: DC Comics

When it comes to just looking at Hector Hammond, he appears to be more of a joke than a legitimate villain.

However, this former petty criminal has been Green Lantern’s primary nemesis on Earth for way too long and has caused way too much damage to be overlooked.

He transformed into this creature thanks to exposure to a crashed meteor. His power is his brain, where he gained 100,000 years of knowledge and gained both psionic abilities and immortality.

Doctor Polaris

Doctor Polaris
Doctor Polaris. Pic credit: DC Comics

Doctor Polaris is a Kyle Rayner Green Lantern villain, and he is one of the first ones that Kyle ever had to deal with after he replaced Hal Jordan in the role of Earth’s Green Lantern.

Doctor Polaris has the power of electromagnetism, allowing him to shoot energy and create force fields to protect himself.

He had a good half in Neal Emerson that kept him weakened, but once he eliminated that half of himself, he became an even more powerful nemesis to the Green Lantern.


Manhunters. Pic credit: DC Comics

The Manhunters are the villains to every Green Lantern in existence.

The Guardians created these creatures to protect the universe before they created the Green Lantern Corps. The problem is that these are not humans and their power went out of control. 

The Guardians created the Green Lantern Corps after this and mostly wiped the Manhunters out of existence.

The problem is that a few of them survived and learned how to create more of their kind. Replenished, they have attacked their replacements in the Green Lantern every chance they get.


Larfleeze. Pic credit: DC Comics

Larfleeze has one thing going for him. He is the only Orange Lantern in the universe.

Many years ago, the Guardians made a treaty with Larfleeze to stay out of his solar system and leave him in peace there. That treaty was broken, and war broke out between the Orange Lanterns and the Green Lantern Corps.

He eventually worked with Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps against the Black Lantern Corps, but his greed always overpowers his goodwill.


Atrocitus. Pic credit: DC Comics

The Manhunters not only caused damage on their own, but they warped the minds of others because of their reign of terror.

The Manhunters killed Atrocitus’ wife and kids, and he became so consumed with rage that he created the Red Power Ring, becoming a Red Lantern himself.

He then built the Red Lantern Corps out of those consumed with hate.

He was even strong enough to turn Hal into a Red Lantern for a short time and this is the one version of the Corps that only cares for bloodshed.


Sinestro. Pic credit: DC Comics

Sinestro is Green Lantern’s primary nemesis, although their battles almost always take place off Earth.

It was Sinestro, as a member of the Green Lantern Corps, who helped train Hal Jordan. When the Guardians realized the darkness that lived in Sinestro’s heart, they banished him. 

Sinestro was too powerful to hold down, and he created the Yellow Power Ring and the Sinestro Corps.

While Sinestro and Hal Jordan are mortal enemies, they remain bound as trainer/trainee and have often worked together, while Hal could never fully beat Sinestro.


Krona. Pic credit: DC Comics

Krona is an all-powerful villain, responsible for the creation of the multiverse. 

This happened when Krona built a machine to see the beginnings of time, but that machine blew up and destroyed the universe, sending the fragments out, where they became the multiverse.

The fact he was powerful enough to create something so vast, even if by accident, proved he was too dangerous.

It was Hal Jordan who finally beat this mad scientist, whom was proving more and more dangerous the longer he lived.


Parallax. Pic credit: DC Comics

Parallax is the being that corrupted and destroyed the greatest Green Lantern of them all in Hal Jordan.

Parallax is a yellow creature that is the reason the Green Power Ring cannot affect anything yellow.

When Cyborg Superman destroyed Coast City, Hal Jordan allowed the fear monster to overwhelm him and he set out to defeat the Green Lantern Corps, kill Kilowog, Sinestro, and the Guardians, and become the most powerful villain in the universe.


Nekron as a Black Lantern. Pic credit: DC Comics

Nekron is the ruler of the Realm of the Dead, and he caused one of DC Comics’ most devastating crossover storylines.

It was Nekron that brought about the Blackest Night, where he created the Black Power Rings. This allowed him to bring back several dead superheroes and supply them with the Power Rings to serve him and conquer the Earth.

Nekron is all-powerful and is impossible to defeat. The only way to stop him is to tether his connection to the real world.

Fans will just have to wait until the HBO Max premiere to see which villains appear in Green Lantern Corps.

Green Lantern Corps will be available for streaming on HBO Max at a later date.

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