GMA’s Robin Roberts gets eye roll from Michael Strahan in awkward on-air moment

robin roberts face shot during a march 4 2024 segment of good morning america on abc
Robin Roberts appears on a March 2024 episode of Good Morning America. Pic credit: ABC

Robin Roberts recently had an interesting interaction with her Good Morning America colleagues.

Roberts appeared on an episode of GMA this week alongside regular co-hosts Michael Strahan and George Stephanopoulos.

During part of the show, Roberts explained her excitement about her upcoming interview.

She’s often received special assignments that have taken her away from GMA to other parts of the country.

That is the case for a big interview in the Midwest, as she revealed during Monday’s episode of the show.

However, Roberts’ boasting about the assignment led to an eye roll from her co-host.

Roberts expressed excitement to GMA co-hosts about an upcoming assignment

An interesting moment arrived on Monday’s GMA as Roberts spoke about Iowa basketball star Caitlin Clark, who recently broke the all-time scoring record for men and women in college basketball.

Clark set the all-time NCAA Division-I scoring record this past Sunday, as a pair of free throws in her game against Ohio State put her ahead of NBA Hall of Fame “Pistol” Pete Maravich. After her 35-point performance, she had tallied a career total of 3,685 points in college.

“Who is going to Iowa tomorrow to sit down with Caitlin Clark?” Roberts asked as she looked around the studio at others.

screenshot from gma episode on monday march 4 2024 as robin roberts talks about assignment to interview iowa basketball player
GMA’s Robin Roberts expressed excitement over her upcoming interview. Pic credit: ABC

“Who’s going? Who’s going?” she asked excitedly, causing Stephanopoulos to laugh.

Strahan quickly rolled his eyes at Roberts’ excitement before they all laughed with her, and the show continued.

“I can’t wait. I can’t wait. I’m not excited about it all,” Roberts joked with the crew.

She and Strahan previously had fun quips back and forth, including when he told Roberts “stay away from it” while speaking about a hot topic on the show.

There wasn’t any bad blood between the two GMA co-hosts and friends, as they were also shown on social media dancing behind the scenes to some upbeat music as part of the GMA Concert Series.

Strahan talked about retirement from the NFL and TV job

Roberts appeared on Tuesday morning’s GMA episode, with Strahan and Stephanopoulos also at the desk. She indicated during the show she had to leave for her interview in Iowa and then travel to an assignment in another state from there.

A Tuesday GMA segment focused on Travis Kelce’s brother, Jason Kelce, who officially retired from the NFL after a 13-year career with the Philadelphia Eagles. Like retired star Michael Strahan, Kelce won a Super Bowl during his stellar career.

GMA shared Jason’s emotional NFL retirement speech, including him praising his wife, Kylie.

After the segment, Roberts asked Strahan what it was like for him when he finally retired from the NFL years ago.

“I mean, it’s tough because your whole life and everything you’ve done—all your friends and relationships—are right there in that locker room. It’s a little scary to know you’re going to be out there without that everyday routine,” he said.

However, he confessed, “But when I retired, I was happy. I smiled. I’ll be honest with you.”

Stephanopolous laughed over Strahan’s candid confession before asking if he thought there was any chance Kelce would go back.

“No,” Strahan said, adding, “Nah, I think he’s done and he deserves to be. What an incredible career.”

Jason co-hosts a podcast alongside his famous NFL brother, Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Travis Kelcee, who is dating singer Taylor Swift.

It’s unknown if Jason will venture into other television work, but he may be able to get a few tips from Strahan about what it’s like to work on TV after his NFL career.

After Strahan’s answer, Roberts told him he’s “got new teammates” now, referring to her and his other colleagues at GMA.

“I do. I’m very happy here. I’ll cry when I have to retire here one day. We’ll see,” Strahan joked about the TV job.

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I know you probably won’t print this, but it still needs to be said. Why do we gave to have blacks on everything that is done on tv and in the movies? I was ok with it to start, but now it’s as if they’ve taken over, and Robert’s and astragalus are the TWO WORST of whatever I know!! We know what Robert’s is, and she loves to proclaim it. Personally, I don’t care for her muff diving comments, and shouldn’t be allowed to be close yo young woem. Strahan is a NOTHING, always has been, always will be. I don’t know how Stephanopoulos can stand to be in their presence!! You need to get rid of both those unimportant no dogooders!!