GMA’s Ginger Zee shares rare photos of her sons and mother

Ginger Zee selfie
Ginger Zee shared a rare photo of her sons. Pic credit: @ginger_zee/Instagram

Good Morning America’s Ginger Zee has been taking a break from the show for some much-needed family time and took the chance to share an update with her followers earlier this week.

The mom of two often keeps her personal life out of her professional life, but she shared an update with both of her sons as they enjoyed a trip to LEGOLAND in New York.

Along with her two sons, Ginger’s mother was also present for the photo, proving that it was a real family affair.

In the shot, Ginger’s sons Adrian and Miles stood on either side of their grandma as she showed a big smile for the camera, keeping one hand on each of the boys.

The boys clutched onto Yoshi plushies, while behind them was a wall of additional Yoshi plushies, Princess Peach, Mario, and other themed plushies.

She shared the picture on Instagram, writing, “They both won! Not just yoshi plushies from the carnival game but winning with Mimi in town 🙌 @roofustee @legoland.newyork #yoshi.”

Ginger Zee’s son Adrian came in for an adorable cameo on GMA

A few weeks ago, Ginger surprised GMA viewers by having her son Adrian on set with her. He joined his mom on the screen after she was done reporting the weather.

“I’ve got my little guy here. This is Adrian,” she said as he ran into her arms. “And coming up, this is what we’re talking about. Now that school’s out, how parents can slow kids’ Summer time Brain Drain.”

“Do you have brain drain yet, with one day off?” Ginger asked her son.

“No,” he said and shook his head.

“No? Not yet. We did some addition this morning,” Ginger told viewers and her co-hosts.

Although that segment was the end of Adrian’s time on GMA with Mom that day, it was an adorable appearance that fans won’t soon forget.

Ginger Zee working on a new project

When she’s not telling Good Morning America the weather or spending time with her family, Ginger is working on other projects, namely writing books.

During an Instagram Q&A, a fan asked if she was writing another book, and explained that she is in the “very early stages of working on something – totally different than anything I’ve written before.”

In 2017, Ginger published Natural Disaster: I cover them. I am One and last year she released A Little Closer to Home: How I Found The Calm After The Storm.

As she works on this new project, she will still be on GMA, but fans can look forward to updates on her newest project via social media.

Good Morning America airs at 7/6c on ABC.

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