Is Ginger Zee leaving Good Morning America? Presenter tells of exhaustion

Ginger Zee with Snow Patrol on Good Morning America
Ginger Zee admitted she was exhausted on Twitter this morning after making a mistake on camera. Pic credit: Good Morning America

After today’s episode of Good Morning America, Ginger Zee revealed she was exhausted in a Twitter update.

It came after Zee, the chief meteorologist at Good Morning America and occasional interviewer, made an honest mistake while interviewing the band Snow Patrol.

The error saw her mispronounce the name of the band’s album. Instead of the correct title Wildness, she said Wilderness.

Fans of Snow Patrol were quick to call out Zee, telling her to do her homework before interviewing such a popular band. While the members of Snow Patrol didn’t correct her at the time, fans did it for her. On Twitter, people had mixed reactions.

But others had more sympathy.

After the interview aired, Ginger Zee realized that people were offended and took to Twitter. Zee had just returned to New York after covering Hurricane Florence and she admitted that she hadn’t gotten much sleep between traveling and coming home to her children, including her infant baby boy.

She issued an apology and explained that she hoped people would understand her situation.

The exhaustion appears to be due to her busy work scheduled coupled with two small children at home. Her work recently took her to North Carolina to cover the storm, and it sounds like she’s just had too much on her plate over the past few weeks.

Ginger continued to explain her sleep deprivation, revealing in a separate tweet: “I feel like I’m on a different planet. It’s that kind of sleep deprivation at this point.”

She added: “I did have info. I misspoke because I’m tired. It’s a mistake and I think we all make them. I understand your passion and apologize to you and all the fans.”

Ginger Zee was forced to defend herself last week after Twitter followers questioned if she was doing the right thing for her family by visiting the Hurricane Florence storm zone.

After that and her more recent on-air hiccup, fans of the presenter were left speculating whether she could be set to leave the show, but Zee hasn’t expressed exhaustion over her long-term work commitments with Good Morning America, or any plans of leaving her job behind.

As she explained in her tweet about the Snow Patrol mistake, she isn’t getting much sleep because of her baby. Ginger gave birth to her second child back in February, Miles, making the little bundle of joy six months old.

Ginger and her husband, Ben Aaron, also have son Adrian from 2015. At six months old, some parents do still experience sleep trouble with their babies and the first set of teeth are slowly emerging from the gums. It can be a rough period to go through and Ginger appears to be doing her best to balance it all.

By all accounts, she has no plans of leaving her job, but a good night’s rest does sound like a good idea.

Ginger Zee returns tomorrow morning on Good Morning America at 7/6c on ABC.

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