Ghost Adventures visits some old haunts: Rolling Hills Asylum and the Overland Hotel & Saloon

Ghost Adventures
Rolling Hills Asylum — last time Ghost Adventures visited there were some scary moments

In tonight’s Ghost Adventures Zak Bagans revisits some old haunts in the form of an Asylum in New York State and an infamous saloon in Nevada.

The Rolling Hills Asylum was originally called The Genesee County Poor Farm and was a sort of poorhouse, set up by the county in 1827 ready to accept orphans, the destitute, habitual drunkards and the mentally ill.

With  all the traumatic events, hardships, treatments and deaths over the years the place is a well-known hot spot for paranormal activity.

Rolling Hills Asylum
Some sort of spectral figure captured at Rolling Hills Asylum by Dave Smith of ParanormalSixx

When they last visited the Rolling Hills Asylum the alarm bells began when the team heard a disembodied scream.

The scream sounded like that of an old woman and then on playback they also picked up a voice saying “I’m here.”

Then, in a candle-lit room, they asked the spirits if they were trying to open a portal and asked them what sort of evil they did.

Who knows what the Ghost Adventures crew will encounter on this visit…

The other previous site of investigation was the Overland Saloon in Pioche, Nevada.

Pioche was a silver rush town where men got rich quick and died even faster. The entire town is said to be haunted and the team set out to check out the most notorious spots.

 Overland Hotel and Saloon
The Overland Hotel and Saloon. You can request a ‘quiet’ room

One of the crew stayed at the saloon the night before the rest of the crew arrived and his sleep was not a good one.

This episode was pretty wild with members of the team genuinely terrified as things really kicked off.

Tune in tonight as they head back to the town that made Deadwood look like Disney Land.

Ghost Adventures
Last time at the Overland Saloon things got quite hairy

Join them tonight on Ghost Adventures at 9pm on Travel Channel.

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