Gayle King and Nate Burleson miss CBS Mornings episode as fans show concern

gayle king and nate burleson face shots from cbs mornings
CBS Morning hosts Gayle King and Nate Burleson during a March 2024 episode. Pic credit: CBS

Gayle King and Nate Burleson were again no-shows on the recent CBS Mornings episodes.

When Thursday’s episode opened, viewers saw hosts Vladimir Duthiers, Tony Dokoupil, and Jericka Duncan.

Gayle and Nate were also missing from other episodes this past week, leaving many fans concerned about their absences.

During Thursday’s episode, Duthiers mentioned his colleague, Gayle, as she was named one of the 49th annual Gracie Awards winners. These awards recognize outstanding achievements by women in media.

Duthiers revealed that Gayle King won Best On-Air Talent for News in The National TV category.

While Duthiers and his co-hosts congratulated and cheered on their colleague, they did not mention Gayle’s whereabouts.

Viewers expressed concerns about missing hosts

With Gayle and Nate inexplicably missing from the recent episodes of CBS Mornings, many viewers seemed worried over their absences.

“Where is Gayle n Nate!!! I miss them!” a fan commented on CBS Mornings’ tweet about Gayle’s award win.

screenshot from twitter as viewer wonders where gayle king and nate burleson are on cbs mornings
Pic credit: @CBSMornings/Twitter

A CBS Mornings viewer expressed concern that “the 3 anchors are constantly absent” from the show.

“Example: no Gayle nor Nate today. Seems like one or more of them is ALWAYS missing,” they tweeted.

screenshot from twitter as viewer calls out missing cbs mornings hosts
Pic credit: @jlorts1940/Twitter

Another commenter expressed concern that Gayle couldn’t “come back fast enough” to CBS Mornings as they weren’t a fan of Jericka as her replacement.

tweet screenshot as fan expresses concern over gayle king absence from cbs mornings
Pic credit: @cosmicgoddess9/Twitter

It’s unclear when Gayle and Nate might return to the CBS Mornings lineup after their absences.

It’s worth noting that ABC’s competing morning program, Good Morning America, has seen various absences from the show’s regular hosts, Michael Strahan and Robin Roberts, over the past several months.

In recent weeks, Roberts was away for work assignments in Tennessee and Iowa and a group trip to the Bahamas. Strahan has been absent multiple times in the past few months to be with family as his daughter continues her recovery after a diagnosis of medulloblastoma.

King celebrated Beyonce’s new album release

Gayle didn’t share details about her whereabouts on social media, but she recently appeared in a fun video celebrating Beyonce’s album Cowboy Carter.

The new studio album is Beyonce’s foray into the country music genre. In the video, Gayle appears with others from Oprah Daily as they donned cowboy hats and country-style outfits.

Gayle wore a shiny red jacket with frills, a white cowboy hat, and jeans featuring portions in different shades of blue.

Beyonce’s hit song from the album, Texas Hold Em, played as the video’s background music as the various employees from Oprah Daily and Elle showed their outfits.

“@elleusa and @oprahdaily share an office space and a love for @beyonce. So in celebration of Queen Bey releasing #CowboyCarter, we asked staff members to go into their closets and give us their own version of cowboy attire. How did we do?” Gayle’s IG post caption said.

Burleson revealed rough travel for another TV gig

While Nate didn’t provide any specifics about his whereabouts, his recent social media shares included potential hints at what he was up to during his absences.

On Friday, he shared a carousel post of himself with a group that included former MLB player Mike Piazza and retired NBA players Charles Oakley, Allan Houston, and Jalen Rose.

In one of the photos, Nate is conversing with Rose and Oakley.

“Y” 🗣️ 2024 🎤 ‘D’Don’telieve me…just watch,'”‘”e wrote in the caption.

It’s unclear what Nate might be working on with the various athletes he was seen recently meeting with in that photo.

Nate previously spent 10 years as a wide receiver in the NFL, playing for the Minnesota Vikings, Seattle Seahawks, and Detroit Lions. He last played in 2013 with the Lions.

In addition to CBS Mornings, Nate also helps the network with coverage of his former sport as one of the analysts on The NFL Today during each season.

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