CBS Mornings anchor Gayle King sends heartfelt message to Al Roker amid his recovery

Gayle King arrives at the Time 100 Gala in 2019, and Al Roker attends Netflix's 2014 Golden Globes After Party
CBS Mornings anchor, Gayle King, sent her heartfelt well wishes to Today show weatherman Al Roker. Pic credit: © Press Agency/Kevan Brooks/AdMedia

Daily news programs CBS Mornings and NBC’s Today show are considered competitors, but that didn’t stop Gayle King from sending a heartfelt message to Al Roker.

On Thursday, CBS Mornings star King took the time to send well wishes to Today show weatherman Roker and give a shoutout to the Today show staff.

CBS Mornings aired the segment shortly after news broke of how the Today show staff surprised Roker, who has been recovering from health issues. The staff brought some holiday cheer to Roker’s doorstep by showing up at his home in Santa hats to sing Jingle Bells.

King took the time to acknowledge and praise the Today show staff’s sweet gesture. She stated she “loved everything” about what they had done for Roker.

Of course, she also acknowledged that they’re competitors, and she doesn’t typically report on the Today show. However, King also stated that they were “friends” and that their friendship trumped the competition.

She then directed her attention to Roker, who has been in and out of the hospital since November. King stated, “We’re all pulling for him. All wishing him well and can’t wait for Al Roker to be back in the studio. He’s loved here, too. He’s loved over there, but he’s also loved here.”

Her co-anchor, Tony Dokoupil, stated that Roker is a “beloved human,” to which King agreed.

The Today show surprised Al Roker

Both CBS Mornings and the Today show have been rallying to support Roker. The beloved weatherman has had a rough month as he was hospitalized and re-hospitalized due to suffering from blood clots.

His health issues led to him missing Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for the first time in 27 years. He then missed the annual Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting during his re-hospitalization.

On top of that, he tragically lost his sister Patricia this past week. The loss of his sister coincided with his re-release from the hospital after being admitted the day after Thanksgiving.

Fortunately, the Today show crew has been rallying around Roker since the beginning of his struggles.

Days after his hospital release, the entire Today staff went to his home.

Roker shared what the Today show had done for him on his Instagram page. The entire staff could be seen forming a line outside his home as they sang him carols.

In one video, Roker could be seen growing emotional as he listened to the carolers on his doorstep while leaning on a cane.

Roker’s hospitalization and condition explained

Roker was first hospitalized in mid-November. After fans noticed his absence from the Today show, he confirmed on November 18 that he had been hospitalized the week before.

He was reportedly suffering from a blood clot in his leg, which traveled to his lungs. However, he expressed optimism about his recovery and shared flowers and a mug that his Today show family had dropped off.

A week later, Roker provided an update and announced that he had made it home on Thanksgiving Day in time for Thanksgiving dinner.

However, the very next day, it was revealed that Roker had been re-hospitalized. He was taken by ambulance to the hospital and re-admitted once more. By December 8, though, he confirmed that he was back home once more with his family.

Despite still recuperating from his hospitalization and grieving the loss of his sister, Roker has been able to exhibit some holiday spirit.

On Friday, he posted that he had felt well enough to decorate the Christmas tree with his family.

Fortunately, Roker has had an army of supporters surrounding him and wishing him well since the very beginning of his medical journey.

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