Game of Thrones: Even more new spinoffs reportedly in development

Maisie Williams on the set of Game of Thrones
Maisie Williams stars as Arya Stark in Game of Thrones. Pic credit: HBO

It appears that there is a never-ending supply of rumor and speculation regarding all of the possible spinoff series’ set within the Game of Thrones universe.

The latest reports suggest there are three potential new contenders on top of those mentioned previously.

According to Deadline, the three ideas in question are “9 Voyages aka Sea Snake, Flea Bottom, and 10,000 Ships.” All of these new contenders are set within the world of Game of Thrones and the books by George R. R. Martin on which HBO’s TV series was based.

These could, potentially, join the already established House of the Dragon, which is currently in production.

Each series delves into different aspects of Game of Thrones

While HBO has reportedly declined to comment on these three potential spinoffs, Deadline did detail what they believed they would be all about.

The first one, 9 Voyages, would tell of Corlys Velaryon’s travels while onboard his ship, the Sea Snake. This would give the production great scope to visit plenty of areas within the universe as Velaryon traveled to “Pentos, Dragonstone and around the bottom of Westeros as well as to Lys, Tyrosh, and Myr.”

He is also believed to have reached “the fabled lands of Yi Ti and Leng.”

This project is believed to be the most advanced as far as development goes. According to Deadline’s source, Bruno Heller (Mentalist and Rome creator) is attached to this project, along with George. R. R. Martin himself.

Flea Bottom would likely delve into the particularly seedy underside of King’s Landing. This location featured heavily at times in Game of Thrones and is a hotbed of brothels, alehouses, and undesirables.

The final concept, 10,000 Ships, refers to the warrior queen Princess Nymeria. She made a voyage from Essos to Dorne after a “defeat by the Valyrian Freehold in the Second Spice War.”

The name Nymeria is likely familiar to fans of Game of Thrones as this is the name Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) gave to her direwolf. And, considering that Arya ended the series by revealing her desire to voyage to unknown lands, this is an intriguing option by HBO, especially considering how much fans want to see an Arya spinoff series.

Logo for HBO's House of the Dragon
Logo for House of the Dragon. Pic credit: HBO

Other potential Game of Thrones spinoffs

There are plenty of other rumors surrounding spinoff series’.

Most recently, the possible name for a new series was noticed on the website of Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon executive producer Vince Gerardis for his production company Startling Inc.

This series is titled A Song of Ice and Fire with The Works and, annoyingly and tantalizingly, no other details have been included. It is also unclear if this is currently in production as it has been neither confirmed nor denied by either Gerardis or HBO.

There are also several other possibilities. A series based on Martin’s Tales of Dunk and Egg could, potentially, be in the works, as well as a movie based on Robert’s Rebellion. Deadline also states that an animated production might also be in development for HBO Max.

Previously, a pilot tentatively titled The Long Night was also filmed and rejected by HBO. Prior to that, HBO had also considered several other options set within the world of Westeros before finally settling on House of the Dragon.

All seasons of Game of Thrones are available on HBO and Season 1 of House of the Dragon will premiere at a later date.

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