Francesca Bridgerton recast for Bridgerton Season 3

Brigerton Season 2
Francesca Bridgerton has been recast as filming for Season 3 approaches. Pic credit: Netflix

Fans have really only seen glimpses of Francesca Bridgerton so far in the hit Netflix series, but it’s possible fans will start to see more of the elusive sister in the show’s next season. 

Francesca is more reserved than the rest of her family and tends to only attend society events to please others and not cause issues, but her character is left shrouded in mystery as she only had a couple of appearances in Season 1. Season 2 initially had her in the first three episodes before she disappeared completely and without warning. 

Francesca was initially played by Ruby Stokes and her absence is due to the fact that Stokes had to leave to work on the upcoming series Lockwood & Co. 

Fortunately, a new face for Francesca is coming ahead of Season 3. 

Hannah Dodd to take over as Francesca Bridgerton

A casting role for the series was first put out back in December, which sparked rumors that they may be looking to recast Francesca. The series is set to start producing Season 3 over the summer, just in time for Hannah Dodd to take over as the second-youngest Bridgerton sister. 

Hannah has been seen on Netflix before when she played Young Sophie in the series Anatomy of a Scandal. She played a leading role in Lifetime’s Flowers In The Attic: The Origin and just finished filming opposite Millie Bobby Brown in the Enola Holmes sequel. 

Deadline reports her first acting role was the lead in Find Me in Paris and was in the first two seasons of Harlots. She is represented by Olivia Bell management. 

Who is Francesca Bridgerton?

The second youngest daughter in the Bridgerton family has been elusive thus far, but fans should see more of the reserved character in Season 3. 

While the rest of her family is rather extroverted, she seems to be quite the opposite. At this time, not much is known of the character due to her limited screen-time, but she is set to become more present as filming continues. 

In Julia Quinn’s novel series Bridgerton, for which the show is based, Francesca has a major role in the sixth book, When He Was Wicked. Although the sixth season of the show may be a ways away, it looks like Season 6 will be Francesca’s time to really shine. 

When does Bridgertson Season 3 come out?

At this time, there is no set release date for the third installment of Bridgerton.

However, since filming and production are set to start in London this summer, fans can assume that Season 3 will air on Netflix sometime in Spring or Summer 2023.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Bridgerton are available to stream on Netflix.

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