For Life Season 2 returns to ABC this week, star Nicholas Pinnock reveals what fans can expect

For Life Season 2
Nicholas Pinnock as Aaron in For Life. Pic credit: Giovanni Rufino/ABC

For Life Season 2 has a premiere date, and it is coming up this week on ABC.

The show returns to the air on Wednesday night, November 18, at 10/9c and will open with Aaron (Nicholas Pinnock) facing a tough choice when he receives an offer for his freedom, but at a high cost.

For Life Season 2 sneak peek

ABC released the first minute of For Life Season 2, and it details the tough decision that Aaron has to make.

In that first minute (exclusively on Entertainment Weekly), Aaron breaks down that he thought getting free was the biggest thing he could do, but now that he has the chance, he has a choice to make that could change his entire life.

Will he keep fighting, or will he give up and accept the offer to go home but remain guilty in the eyes of the world?

Newly elected state Attorney General Glen Maskins (Boris McGiver) has given Aaron a tempting choice. If Aaron drops the retrial, Maskins will order his release when he takes office, but Aaron’s verdict will remain guilty in the books.

If he refuses, Maskins will put him right back in with the inmates who believe Aaron is a snitch and send authorities after Aaron’s wife Marie (Joy Bryant), investigating her for a HIPPA violation.

How far will Aaron go to see that justice prevails, and how much more pain will he have to endure?

For Life Season 2: What will happen?

For Life Season 2 will see Aaron get out of prison, which was already revealed in a previous interview Deadline conducted with creator/executive producer Hank Steinberg.

“We do intend to get him out of prison at some point during the season and to explore what it’s like for the character to try to re-assimilate into his old life, to reclaim his family, and to try to establish himself in society,” Steinberg said.

“That’s the best way for us to tackle COVID and the rupture from the BLM explosion; it’s much better dramatically to have to tackle that from outside the prison.”

Aaron’s decision will not be an easy one, and actor Nicholas Pinnock basically told EW that he wouldn’t take the easy way out.

“I mean, it’s vital. If he doesn’t clear his name and he’s not exonerated, it shows a certain amount of guilt, and he doesn’t want that,” Pinnock said. “I’m kind of dancing around your question because I can’t give too much away.

“It’s important that he has his name cleared because holding on to anything to do with a criminal record or stuff, it’s difficult for him because he is innocent.”

For Life Season 2 premieres on Wednesday, Nov. 18, at 10/9c on ABC.

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